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  1. This is my new trick....Sloppy Shuffle Triumph by Chris Kenner

    criticism is greatly appreciated

  2. -there's a bit of a tell at the beginning of the overhand shuffle; try be smoother when peeling the first card off
    -make the "sloppy" bit sloppier; it looks as though you're being too careful with the cards going face up and face down. Do it quickly and haphazardly
  3. You could just learn a control to the bottom instead of controling to the top and then shuffling to the bottom. A double undercut works. This would also improve the whole effect because you don't have to keep switching the deck from the table to your hands. Instead of control on table, shuffle in hands, show faceup/facedown/back to back cards on table, it could be control in hands, shuffle in hands, show cards in hands(just put the cards in your left hand and then cut off the cards in your right then spread the cards).

    Hope this makes sense,

  4. It's decent, still needs work. Listen to the above two posters. Also, stop buying $5 downloads. This trick isn't originally by Chris Kenner, it's not originally entitled Sloppy Shuffle Triumph. It's actually called Topsy Turvy, and it's in Royal Road to Card Magic. The book's $10. For one effect out of it, you paid $5. Spend your money wisely, buy RRTCM for beginning tricks - it's a smarter decision.

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