Trouble getting the Tarantula 2 gimmick to stay in place

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  1. Hello, Everyone.
    First time poster, fan for awhile. I am not very good at performing
    magic (yet), but I can't help but wonder if my Tarantula 2 gimmick ought to fit a bit more snuggly as it seems very prone to slipping off (or even falling) the moment I try to look natural with a relaxed-looking hand position.
    Any tips for adjusting the fit (other than those shown in the video, which don't seem to be super-effective)? Would you recommend using double-sided tape on my body to hold the gimmick in place?

    Has anyone else had similar issues? Any advice?
  2. I have a similar issue, I just hold it with my fingers I can’t rely on it “being in place” which is not what I exactly expected, + I agree with you the adjusting tips in the video is kinda useless.
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  3. I don't think it's supposed to stay in place by itself. I just hold it there and have never had an issue with people spotting it.
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  4. I’m gonna assume the shape hasn’t changed since T1 - but you’re supposed to hold it in place by holding your hand in a claw type formation (ie why the gimmick was named the Tarantula)

    If it’s falling out - then yeah - use whatever keeps that sucker stuck to your grip
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