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  1. So, I started back to school on Tuesday, So that is why I haven't been able to do wednesday game-night(Stop cheering) and there has been a small question on my mind for those still in school(this can apply to work as well).

    Do you guys ever you use school related patter during your performances at school? Like doing 2 card monte and having a patter about THAT teacher (You know the one) who constantly switches assignment due dates back and forth and confuse you and everyone else . Or even a card to impossible location about That class(You know the one) that is so difficult you never know what is going on. Along with inside jokes about THAT teacher or THAT class.

    Personally I was always too scared that SOMEHOW SOMEWAY the teacher or whatever would hear, and no matter how not-offensive or even nice it would be I'm sure by the time word of mouth gets around it sound way worse. However just the pure idea of doing something that relate able and understandable should have a much larger impact on the spectator than just "Look there is your card!" or "Look I'm a hustler! I can switch your cards!!!!".

    But, What do you guys think?
  2. Lately I've really been trying to personalize my patter and make it unique to me or relatable to my audience. So yeah I'd say I agree that making the patter more relatable is probably going to be more powerful in the end. I really dig your presentation idea for two card monte btw. It probably keeps them from prematurely turning the card over as well as it's not presented as a challenge anymore.
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  3. If the audience is 'entertained' buy your script, then it is good! Only the audience can give you a real answer on this. When you get a good script, your audience will signal you that they are enjoying your show!
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  4. Make the presentation generic, so the audience fills in the blanks (much like you did in the post). You can even say, "I once had a teacher who..." [insert real or imagined action]. Every spectator will personalize the presentation for their own experiences.

    For example, I could do a presentation about how perspective affects what we see as true and talk about websites that bend the way the present the news to influence how you think. For different spectators, they could be thinking of the Huffington Post or Fox News depending on their political leanings.
  5. Patter is what separates a magician/performer from somebody who is just good at sleight of hand. Even silence can be considered patter when accompanied by certain body language.
    I have personally started enjoying using patter which makes the audience feel like a child again. E.g, telling them that it's their imagination that makes it possible for the trick to happen
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  6. I'm big on routines that tell a story. Look up Rene Lavand. He can weave a story and you're just entranced, watching everything happen.

    If you can tell a good story in a routine, it's almost a free pass to do whatever you want.
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