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Truth about Exile

Nov 17, 2007
This is my first product review and I decided to write it because I've been seeing some members saying the trick is unreliable, so I just thought that I should give my own Ideas on what I think about the effect, thank you.

I'm not trying to sound rude but since everyone knows that the quality of products from this store is good, I'm not going to bother wrting qualities about DVD productions and other things.

After recieving the product, I quickly went over the the gimmicks and watched the DVD, when you watch the DVD you should think the effect is actually alot more simple than it looks. but for me I had alot of problems on making the gimmick work. I'm sure alot of people had problems on making the X's appear or maybe making the X's vanish, at first I had those problems, the X's did not show up under the coin at all. and I regreted buying the trick but I gave the trick a little more time and started to change the construction of the gimmick a little bit and aventually it worked just like you see in the demo video.

now some of you might think this is just a lousy short story I had, but in conclusion all I want to say is before putting this effect into your junk drawer, give it a little time and reconstruct the gimmick so that you can make it work in your environment because I don't want this kind of effect to sit in your drawer when you can take it and amaze the s**t out of everyone, so please take some time and make some changes to make it reliable, construct a little gimmick or a case ( you should know what I'm talking about if you own it) to make this trick easier to accomplish (pocket management for you know what that needs a ziplock bag, with a little thinking you don't need a Ziplock bag)

thank you everyone who took time to read my first post and thank you Mathieu Bich for creating such a mindblowing effect.
Feb 27, 2008
Grand prairie TX

Its so much easier to perform than people say.
Maybe because at first it seems like you have too much going on or that the gimmick will show
but it is not a huge deal.
It truly is a great effect.
Nov 17, 2007
I agree, at first I thought this is T11's first bad product, right in the junk drawer... but after getting J.Baymes E-Mail (which was a stand up thing to do) I re thought the gimmick, this trick is the ****!! thank you Mathew and T11...

Deleted member 2755

Yes, there was a problem with getting the X's to work with the coin. However, making the change that JB suggested in his e-mail should fix you up. Good to finally see a good review for this product. :)

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