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  1. So this year's talent show auditions are coming up soon, and on my recent trip to Tennessee, I visited a wonderful little magic shop (which i will post about later) and picked up some D'lites. These were the shop's owner's own rendition of the classic D'lite. Anyways, I really wanted to use them in the show, produce some small flowers and stuff, use them like I'd seen them used. However, this evening, I was walking through Walmart to pick up some supplies for what I wanted to put in my act, and I saw something. I felt the intense feeling of inspiration and motivation that I haven't felt in a long time. You see, I am absolutely terrible at creating my own magic; I suck at creating. But when I thought of this, I have never heard of it before, and it only seemed fitting, seeing that it's Christmas time. I decided that I wanted to do an Ornament manipulation act. I'm going to merge D'lites and lighting effects within the theatre along with ornament manipulation to create my act. I'm also producing candy canes and tinsel. I'm super excited to see how it turns out, and so far, its great. I'm also doing a small multiplying ball style routine with some ornaments, but with no shells involved. Do you guys think it would be good? What do you think?
  2. I've seen some christmas show acts using, among other things, candy canes and some small ornaments, although no act that's based on them. You didn't really describe how would the act look like so I'm not sure how many contructive criticism you're going to get, but a manipulation act with those objects and some multiplying ornament routine sounds fresh, even if it's not 100% original.
    In any case, best of luck!
  3. I think it sounds awesome! Even if it has been done before it was original in your mind and your act might become the best one there is. I would like to see that!
  4. Thanks guys :) I was just so excited because I haven't had an original idea for a trick in like 3 years, and this one seems like a winner to me. As for how it looks, I just have a small foot and a half tall white tree on a stool, I have red lights to run along the underside of the edge of the apron (the edge of the stage). Those will be magically snapped on. I will be pulling crazy amounts of garland from my shoe and my front chest pocket. And the great thing about the ornaments is that they already have hooks! So no rigs or setups when i'm stealing my loads. Just lift and grab! I love it, and if i can get someone to record it, I will deff post it!
  5. Yeah dude that sounds really awesome! I would love to see a video if you can get one recorded, best of luck!
  6. You have my attention. Go on.
  7. Well I'm gonna produce three small ornaments and put them in my pocket, but then pull out a bigger ornament in their place, and pull out my pocket to show the other three gone. My finale to the act is to place a star on top of the tree.

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