Trying to find controls - Not sure of names if any.

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  1. So I am practicing some manipulations and ideas for tricks but one thing that I am struggling with is turning a card over in specific situations.

    What I mean by this :

    Selection is chosen from a dribble, I peel back their card and slide out a random card as if it is theirs onto the left hand packet and jog it like it is their card. I then do either clipshift, get a break or get the card to the bottom but I have also found I can just flip their card at the same time as I outjog their card and close the packets together so it is like their card somehow is upside down in the deck without doing any extra moves.

    My issue is that I can't get the turn over smooth and was wondering if there are other ways of turning a card over in 1 hand or between 2 hands while each hand is holding half of the deck.

    So my left has has the bottom half, my right hand is holding the top half.

    I am aware of card turn overs in the guise of turning the deck over in the dealing hand.
    Also the double lift turn over I forget the name. I am just looking for other alternatives, one handed or two handed but preferably card turn overs while holding half a deck in each hand.
  2. Can you explain this a little better? lol. From what I understand:
    You dribble the cards and they say stop.
    You cut this to the top.
    You then do a sort of "second deal" using a sort of glide at the top. This pushes an indifferent card onto a bottom packet?
    Then you control their card to the bottom, but you want to flip it over?

    If you have the Royal Road, go through the "card reverses" section. There is one in there called a hip reverse, which may help you (push the card from the bottom, not the top).

    You can also do a sort of "cop" reverse. Essentially, you cop the bottom card as you grab the front of the deck, and turn it over, pulling the front to the back.

    Other ideas:
    Palm or cop the card as you give it to them to shuffle. Take the deck back in the opposite direction and replace it (for a palm, you would need to wrist kill).
    1 card turn over pass, but don't actually turn over the top packet (of 51 cards)

    Also, why on earth are you using a clip shift?
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  3. Well it is a neat and invisible way of control a card to the top within seconds of a card being selected via a dribble and find it useful haha. I now have it silent as well. Took a while hehe. I know there are other ways but so far people have found the simple tricks I do more magical with less shuffles and cuts. Although it depends on the trick of course.
  4. You are probably not performing it well enough then. You should really practice those controls more.

    Didn't you say you only started a few months back? Or am I confusing you with someone else. If so, you really should be learning some other controls. The clip shift is great when used correctly but due to it's natural jerky motion, it shouldn't be used as a go to control. Especially with it's angles. Further more, it is not the most... versatile of moves. It is similar to the classic pass in that sense.Pick up the Royal Road and learn a few other controls. Which effects are you currently performing?
  5. Yeah i am new and just enjoying the controls at the moment. Some effects I am not sure of the name, I have seen them called all sorts of thing. Card to the Center upside down, via messy flip flop shuffle, cards back to back, face to face trick. I have a few simple versions of acaan, one that involves a lot of time and misdirection, no one realises how simple it is but I like it, one that works from the bottom of the deck but isn't as involved, involves me holding back their card and dealing cards down until their chosen number is up. One which involves counting cards above their chosen card and turn over passing. A kind of ambitious card routine which involve their card jumping around the deck then eventually thinking they have trapped their card in a small packet of cards but it actually jumps back to my packet of cards.

    Court cards effect is nice from card college book.
    The acaan that uses 1 number per letter of the name of the card from card college is good too. But requires a setup so I have practised card culling the needed cards to the top to get ready in the guise of showing that the deck is normal and messed up.

    I'm kind of addicted now haha.

  6. This is my clipshift from last week or so. But it is already a lot better than this now without the pauses and unnatural motions. Sure the angles are a factor but if I know the angles then I can control the situation. Also I find that if I make the move within the motion of adding the top pack to the left hand it is invisible and natural looking. Not just working on this move only, working on everything. I am just proud that I hav this move looking decent. It also feels good to perform it. Hehe

    Also those cards are great, bu but most of the time I say ok this is your card, memorise it and they go, wait can I look again I didn't get it, the cards have too much going on hehe.
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  7. Fair enough. All I am saying is that there are much better controls out there. Not to mention the fact that the clip shift isn't applicable to a ton on stuff. Also, from a spectator's point of view, why would you peel out the card and out jog it, only to put it back in the pack? And another thing, make sure you are practicing with a ton of angles. Your Clip Shift may look really good, but that could also be do to the specific angle you are standing at (which is pretty unnatural irl). Not saying that it is bad, just making sure you know.

    Card to center upside down via messy flip flop shuffle? Do you mean a Triumph effect in which you use a slop shuffle?
    The 1st Acaan you mentioned, do you mean you were using a glide?
    A)Where and who are you learning these from
    B) It is very important that you get the right terminology down so you don't confuse people.
  8. Yeah I find with the clipshift it looks most natural between 20 and 90 degrees to the right, straight on is possible but not as natural.

    Erm well I have, road to card magic, card college books, expert at the card table, been watching, Russian genius, 52 cards, Xavier spade and chris Ramsey , seen a few other smaller channels with good ideas and moves but I like the ones I have mentioned. I am not very good at remembering names in general so the names of tricks unless I literally spent a few hours a week just reciting the names I am going to forget them unless the are simple. Numbers I am good with words

    Yes triumph is the name. Yes the glide but I have seen a few books call it something else and sometimes state th move but without a name which doesn't help with my memorising of the names.

    Fair point on the out jogging of the card with the clipshift. I originally learned it without the jog but added it in as a focus for the spectator. I mean other controls you jog the card as well and thought it added some sense of parity to the moves. Thank you for these suggestions and advice! I don't know any magicians irl to ask things. Thinking of going to see what this magic circle in leeds , uk, is like. Maybe make some magical friends hahaha
  9. With this thread I was just hoping to find ways of using the clipshift control to do other things.

    One thing I do have working althought angle sensitive is flipping g their card held in glide over as I bring my hands together to peel off their card, the placing the deck together and pushing their card *wink wink* into the deck, so their actual card is upside down before having done any other moves.

    I know it is more about what spectator gets from the effects but I also enjoy the execution of moves as well. Sometimes simple is better , but sometimes unnecessary is fun.
  10. Check out Four Play by Chad Nelson if you want a center card flipped.

    In fact just check out Surfaced by Chad Nelson which is a collection of pieces mostly utilizing the Clip Shift.
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  11. Yeah the clip shift is definitely something fun to mess around with. I personally love to do moves just for fun (one's I would never perform, like the In The Hands Riffle Shuffle Double Action Palm). the "theoretical" moves are super fun to do. Have you tried using it as a palm or a colour change? What about a card production? I would assume that the possibilities are greatly enhanced when you sit at a table (much easier to lap the card, and do tenkai/rear palm productions easily.
  12. Ooo palms, I haven't done too much of those yet haha but yeh I will definitely have a go hehe
  13. @Maaz Hasan As a color change? well well well, that happens to be my favorite color change, its called the "Clip Steal" -> (Tutorial from 52Kards)
  14. I don't want to make a bigger mess of things for you, but if I understand the effect you're trying to do, it would seem the effect described may be done a little less cumbersome with a bottom thumb break and a Herman or Classic Pass.
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  15. This is different. This is a clip steal with a color change. The Clip shift is a one handed move where the bottom card in a packet is secretly moved to the top in one continuous action.
  16. But, they both use a pinky clip so i just assumed :/, sorry
  17. The clip shift doesn't really use a pinky clip, at least not for a lot of people.
  18. Ahh, thanks man, my source for the move was Xavior Spade on yout... *cough* , from an informative source...
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  19. Shh. *winky face*

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