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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Austin24, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. So I just got my copy of Bobo's and I started working on the coin concealments section. My problem is that the classic palm instructions are a little vague and I having difficulty finding the spot where I should have the coin or how to keep it there. can someone please help?

  2. Go to and click on Foundation (on the left hand side)
    It will ask for a password and you will be able to find the answer in Bobo. It is just to stop laypeople looking for info.

    Cheers B3ar
  3. I have been there before but still am so confused. I can't seem to find that spot where the coin will stay in place without my hand looking like I have arthritis. its so frustrating
  4. First of all what coin are you using to practice with? Use a half dollar, they are the best for coin tricks, and once you learn to palm that you will be able to work down to smaller coins.

    In terms of technique, rest the coin on the tips of your second the third finger while your palm is up. Go to turn your hand palm down and curl your fingers into a fist. The coin should naturally be pushed into the 'sweet spot' where is can be held by the muscles. In terms of getting your hand the look natural that will come with time. After time you will realize that the fingers don't play a part in controlling the muscle that will hold the coin. A good exercise to build that muscle and to get used to having a coin in palm is to hold a coin there all day and use the hand as normal. I did this for years and still do use this technique.

    Hope this helps, if you need anymore advice just message me, glad to help.
  5. Slicksleights is right on the money. The classic palm from what I have heard is one of the hardest palms to learn. it takes time. hold the coin every day, all the time. It will take a while to feel natural... and even longer to look natural, but it is worth it.

    But it does crush your soul a little when you work so hard on this palm and then accidentally flash it, So remember that too!

    Have fun!
  6. Also another tip I forgot to mention and thought of tonight as I was playing with a coin, is when practicing the palm while squeezing the muscle to hold the coin touch the tips of your first finger and thumb together. This will help you not develop the bad habit of kicking out your thumb when you palm the coin, that can be a massive tell.
  7. That habit is hard to break! I had that forever! I probably still do it if I don't pay attention!
  8. thanks you guys! I'm gonna keep at it till I finally get it right. It's also soul crushing to think you have finally found the sweet spot and then the coin pops out. it feels so insecure in my palm
  9. that doesn't automatically mean that you are doing it wrong. The coin shouldn't be held that tightly, when you have the coin palmed you should be able to tap the back of your hand quite gently and the coin will fall.

    It's a strange move, once you get it it's a very easy move but actually 'getting there' is quite a frustrating process. I promise you if you do what i said about holding a coin there all day, after a week or so you will make 100% progress. Also my advice with this move, and any coin move really, is learn it with both hands doing this will serve you very well.

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