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  1. Hey everyone, I am fairly new to using a TT. I was wondering where is the best place to learn how to properly use it. From my understanding it really should never be seen in the first place. I have a, well at least what I think to be a decent handling of it but only for silk. Also I want to hear what you guys have to say about the TT like, original ideas, ways to use it etc. Thank everyone and have a nice day.
  2. You can find a section on it in Tarbell Volume One.
    You can also find a video from the Steven's Greater Magic Video Library Volume 10 (Salvano)
    A book or video based instructional that's pretty comprehensive is available from Gary Darwin.

    It is said that someone who is good with it can use one that is chrome plated and not be seen.
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  3. Oh man I love the TT. There are LOT of uses for it. You really have to think out of the box. You can make sugar/salt vanish and appear, cigarettes vanish, bills switch, and on and on. The best part of a TT is that you can also make these things appear from almost anywhere you can reach. As @trapeze mentioned, Gary Darwin has some good consolidated resources.

    I love doing just a simple silk appear/vanish for my walk around - but you must use a 12" diamond cut silk - not a 4x4 size. It looks far more impressive because it's longer. (Available at your local magic shop or here
    I've been doing that for a long time. I keep doing it because of the reactions I get, it's an organic trick (with my presentation), I nearly always get an applause, as well as the mileage I get from the jokes.
    What I have found is that MOST people have never seen something like this up close, and it looks completely impossible to them. Though I've never had someone see the TT, some people are familiar with it and know the idea of what I'm doing. I have had a lot of people say, "oh I've seen this trick before, but they had to use a fake finger". Almost every time they have either seen one in a kids magic set, or they have seen a bad magician (typically the former though). So in my patter I used to include a line that would keep those individuals from spoiling the surprise.

    All that to say, I really encourage you to become adept with this tool. If I can get a lot of reaction and affect from it using it in the most recognizable way, imagine if you used it in a more stealthy way!

    Here is an old video of me performing it for a group of friends and their kids.
    Some points before you watch.
    - listen to the reactions when the silk appears and vanishes. It's even more impressive when you are three feet away at someone's table!
    - Notice that I seem rushed and I move fast. It was this video that I noticed that in my performance, and have since worked at relaxing, and slowing it down to be much more natural. You don't have to worry about being caught - it just doesn't happen because it is not really in view.
    - my patter has changed since this video. I now have two presentations I use 1) We all want get something from nothing, but because that's impossible, we need to be ready to work for the things we want. 2) (More organic) When someone says "can you show me something?" I can say "oh I don't really have anything with me, but I can show you this. It's actually one of the first magic tricks I ever learned. I learned it in a kids magic set, and it uses absolutely nothing."
    - I use Gregory Wilson's 'All Around Vanish' to ditch it, but typically now I wait longer before ditching it (depends on the scenario I'm in)
    - I unabashedly use a hack line here to get applause. Not proud of it, but I still use it when I need to. I now typically get applause with it without the hack line which is much better.
    - The funny bit in my current patter comes from when I say to a guy at the table "Nothing is really interesting. Have you ever thought about nothing before? (Wait for reply). I think about nothing all the time. (pause) Here's what you can do with nothing..."

    Anyway, here's the video:

    Enjoy your TT!
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