Tuning Fork for a Junior Magic Castle Audition?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ely, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. Although the Magic Castle is currently closed, I've applied to audition for the Junior Program.

    One routine I have in mind is David Roths Tuning Fork, but I'm not sure if its good enough to accepted. From the research I've done, it seems that the judges are looking for proficiency in technical skill/sleight of hand. While the tuning fork is a wicked good trick, its not very sleight-intensive . Without giving too much away to those who don't know the method, it only has very basic sleights and relies a bit on gimmicks.

    Should I look for a different routine to perform?
  2. I am not a part of the castle, but a few of my friends are juniors. From what I've inferred from my conversations with them, you should focus on making sure that you have an effect that showcases your presentational skills/skill as a performer/personality, as well as an effect that is technically polished. How well you can perform the necessary sleights is more important than how hard the sleights actually are. You are trying to prove you're a good magician, not simply a good sleight-of-hand artist.
    If you can perform the tuning fork flawlessly with an engaging and entertaining presentation, then I doubt you will have a problem. However, also keep in mind that the tuning fork is a classic, so if you want to perform it, consider creating some sort of original variant, or at the very least keep the presentation fresh.

    Again, I don't speak from experience with the castle itself at all, just from the experience I have as someone who spends time jamming with castle juniors and sees the type of magic they're interested in.

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