Twisting the Aces

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  1. Hey. i know three very good twisting the aces routines but i know only one should be in a close up performence... what do you think is best?:
    Twisted limo service by cameron francis
    new twisting collectors by paul harris
    twister by chris kenner
    what do you think and if there are any better ones lmk
  2. My friend Dorian has an excellent ace twisting routine with two kicker endings.

    It is not on his dvd, so I assume that it is unpublished for now.

    Bill Goodwin has a nice one, but I would never use it.. However.. it does help you practice your false counts and getting them smooth at the same tempo.

    James Swain's Turnaround Kings from Don't Blink is excellent and has a kicker ending as well where one of the four of a kind cards turns into the selection.

    There is also a routine who's I am unsure of that I learned from a friend that is excellent, and follows the same plot as Turnaround Kings.

    Swain's Capitulating Queens is a twisting effect where the backs change, which is excellent.

    There are many out there... Try them all and see what you like.
  3. I sometimes perform the classic Twisting the Aces by Dai Vernon for lay people. That seems to be a favorite. Other than that, the only other twisting routine that I sometimes do is Roger Smith's Maxi Twist.
  4. I go for Dai Vernons twisting the aces. I have toyed with the Asher Twist but find the angles hard to work with.
  5. I got for Dai Vernons Twisting The Aces. I toyed around with the Asher Twist for a while but found it hard to get the angles down
  6. When someone asks me to do a very short trick I usually do Twisting the Aces by Dai Vernon. You'll only need the four aces.

    But often I perform the Maxi Twist, because it's a cool ace-twisting routine and it's got a great kicker-ending!
  7. I like Chris Mayhew's FDS. It's a twisting method that is a split between twisting the aces and Hofzinser's ace problem.


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