Two New Additions to theory11 crew

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. Just posted this in the news section - hot off the press! Earlier this month, theory11 welcomed two new members to our team. As our production pipeline has expanded, we needed the talent of these two individuals to support our growing community and operations. Those two individuals are Zach Mueller and Casey Rudd. Many of you know them already as two outstanding members of our community.

    Zach Mueller is one of the youngest performers ever at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. In record time, Zach has performed on two nationally televised episodes of Masters of Illusion, and regularly performs at the Magic Castle in the Close-Up Gallery and Future Stars events. Having lived in London, Chicago, Florida, and Los Angeles, Zach brings enormous passion, expertise, and crazy awesome rap lip-sync performances to the theory11 office.

    Casey Rudd is based in theory11′s original home base – Charleston, SC. Casey’s knowledge, expertise, and willingness to help others has already been a critical asset to our forum community over the past year. His passion for magic, combined with his chops in cardistry, will continue to propel and inspire others within our community.

    Please join me in welcoming Zach and Casey to the theory11 family! Their work will support our mission and assist our existing team, moderators, and members in advancing this artform we all love. Congrats!
  2. Congrats guys!
  3. Congrats to the both of you!
  4. Congrats, guys you deserve it!
  5. Based on from what I've seen from these guys this is just as much a gain for theory11 as it is for Casey and Zach. Good choices!
  6. Wait, T11 is in Charleston, SC? Man, I've been there recently, and I didn't know that :( Next time though. Awesome town btw, I loved it.
  7. congratz to both of you!
  8. No it's in New York, but it was originally in Charleston.
  9. I've seen Casey around, good find t11, but haven't seen Zach. :\
  10. Thanks guys for all the support! It means quite a lot. :) I look forward to continue on my journey here at theory11 and help in any possible way that I can!
  11. I would like a Double Rainbow, please.
  12. Unfortunately we can only supply double rainbows all the way across the sky. Wow. Wooow. So intense.

    Thanks for the kind words guys. Glad to be onboard.

  13. so now that you are t11 crew. what can you tell us about the wire haha
  14. cerca trova :p

    Jokes aside, it is still being worked on.
  15. Oh, than it's good I didn't try to find it, lol

    Anyways, congrats guys.

  16. Casey, or y'know, that new stuff that's supposed to come out soon...
  17. Lol.

    When do the christmas contest details and the new releases planned for the holiday come out? Can we get a rough date?
  18. Congratulations guys, Im looking forward to your improvement not only in the forums, but also in your powers as a performer. You have the entire t11 staff to back you up and I'm sure with them, you'll improve a lot in a short period of time...God bless man
  19. Congrats guys! Im sure you wont dissappoint Theory11.

    On a side note, Who do we contact for things like username changes?

    - Jenai
  20. Cool... So what's Casey going to be releasing? The Acetone Change? Or Blueline? :)

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