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  1. I love reading a new magic book and I’ve always thought that Magic books have so much more worth than magic DVDs or the latest gimmick deck. Obviously this is my opinion and you might not agree - But let me explain...

    In this technological age of DVD, YouTube and streaming videos it is so much easier and quicker than ever before to learn new magic. We now live in an "instant world" where all the information we desire is at our finger tips 24/7.

    And yes - as with any new technology - that is a good thing, but there is also a bad side that you must consider...

    Because we can obtain this new information so easily, it’s value decreases in our minds. Digital magic becomes "fast and cheap" which creates the third thought that it's therefore not as "good."

    I'd ask you to consider the "classic way" to learn magic: from a book.


    Because Magic books require your time, and they stimulate your imagination. Within magic books are thousands of magic secrets that many will never unlock simply because they don't take the time.

    Here are two magic books that have come across my book shelf recently that I think you'll enjoy.

    Magic Book Review - Distilled by Ryan Plunkett

    Magic Book Review - Machinations by Ben Harris

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  2. I check this forum (sub-forum? Forum-topic?) the least and hence I didn't know that you're active on here! I love your reviews, they save me a lot of otherwise wasted time (and money) spent on learning something I wouldn't want to use!
  3. @Magic Orthodoxy great reviews!
    I also see you have the 3 Banachek books in your collection.
    I read the first one. Are the next 2 pretty similar?
  4. They are similar. The main difference is that the second and third books include more effects in additions to subtleties.
  5. Thanks @RealityOne that's actually exactly what I was hoping to hear.
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