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  1. Hello, I ordered 12 decks of cards on the 30th of December which have not arrived..... sorry I realise how this sounds. I have read the estimated shipping times and it could be another 8 days before my order arrives to me in the UK. What I am asking is how likely is it I will have to pay tax I read the FAQ and realise I may be charged extra. My order $64.26 and $25.52 for shipping. Should I expect to have to pay extra and if so how much?
    Thank you for reading this, Jasha
  2. I think when you go collect the package at the post office, that's where you pay tax.
  3. Yes I know that. However they do not always charge tax and I was wondering what other experience of people who often buy from this site is and I also don't know how much they charge if they do decide to charge you for tax. I have had mixed results from buying from ebay sellers and this was the first time buying from theory 11 for me. Thank you for your response anyway.
  4. Thanks that is a very confusing yet informative link I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
  5. I've ordered from theory 11, live on the south coast and havent been charged any import tax yet so you should be safe.

  6. Thank you for the reassurance I guess Ill wait and see.
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    I ordered a brick of the Smoke & Mirrors decks which subsequently got held up at customs.

    What happens is that once it clears customs, Parcel Force pay the duty on your behalf in order to release the package. They then move the package through their system and hang on to it at your local depot until you pay the customs charges. This covers the customs duty- and although they don't explicitly tell you this, also includes a fee of their own... which they claim is for having released the package from customs on your behalf.

    As if that wasn't annoying enough, in order to pay the charges you must have some kind of code number. I have no idea why. But you have to wait for them to post it to you in a letter explaining that they have your package and you need to pay for it blah blah yawn. (Although, if you've been tracking your parcel and you know it's at the depot, if you phone them and ask nicely they might let you pay by debit card over the phone and save you waiting around for an extra day or two waiting for a damn letter.)

    So you might want to cross your fingers that your cards don't get stopped at customs. If they do, keep an eye on where they are at and expect to have to pay about £20 to Parcel Force when they knock on your door.
  8. I can't wait any longer :eek: surely 17 days is long enough please let it arrive tomorrow I can't wait for those decks :)
  9. I waited over a month, and I'm only up in Vancouver.
  10. Unlucky. Thanks for getting my hopes up :)

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