Ultimate Showdown of Magicians

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    The battle lines have been clearly drawn. Who do you think is the best overall entertainer of all time. This one is for magicians. Laymen need not apply.

    [Edit] This thread isn't really a popularity contest or anything. This is more intended to see who among the stars we enjoy the most, and or possibly draw inspirtation from. I'm well aware there is no way in hell you can compare each of these artists on the same level with fair results.


    1) David Copperfield
    2) Lance Burton
    3) Mac King
    4) Tom Mullica
    5) Sigfried and Roy
    6) Amazing Johnathan
    7) Penn & Teller
    8) Valinteno
    9) Daren Romeo
    10) Tom Sony
    11) Chuck Jones & Company
    12) Bannachek(sp?)
    13) Ed Alanzo
    14) Mark Wilson & Nani Darnel
    15) David Blaine
    16) Criss Angel
    17) Eugene Burger
    18) Jeff McBride
    19) Doc Eason
    20) Jay Sankey
    21) Amazing Randi
    22) Scarlet
    23) Arian Black
    24) Aurther Trace
    25) Andrew Goldenhursh
    26) Max Mavin
    27) Doug Henning
    28) Kevin James
    29) Shoot Ogawa
    30) Dana Daniels
    31) Paul Harris
    32) Dave Cox
    33) Ferral
    34) David Stone
    35) Johny Carson
    36) Harry Blackstone Jr.
    37) Channing Pollek
    38) Cyril
    39) Houdini
    40) Hans Clock
    41) Derren Brown
    42) Bill Malone
    43) Michael Ammar
    44) Johny Ace Palmer
    45) John Carney
    46) David Regal
    47) Dai Vernon
    48) Thurston
    49) Malini
    50) Houdin
    51) David Williamson
    52) Rickey Jay
    53) Joshua Jay
    54) Cardini
    55) Slydini
    56) Losander
    57) Luna
    58) Mr. Electric
    59) Shimada
    60) Aye Jaye

    Choose wisely!
  2. I dont think you can ask a question like that, every one of those people has a complete different style. In my opinion its like comparing heavy metal to Rap, evey one has different things they look for and like in preformences. They are all very good.
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    Honestly, how much Dai Vernon footage have you actually seen?

    And who is Hans Clark?
  4. David Copperfield
    Lance Burton
    Sigfried and Roy
    Amazing Johnathan
    Penn & Teller
    David Blaine
    Criss Angel
    Jeff McBride
    Paul Harris
    David Stone
    Derren Brown
    Michael Ammar
  5. its procounced hons clock if that helps he kinda looks like one of the dude with the lion idk there names
  6. Amazing Johnathan
    Penn & Teller
    and of course jeff mcbride
  7. Amazing Jonathan!!!:D
  8. Great list, though I was bothered by the fact that Akira Fuji wasn't on it.
  9. David Copperfield is the best entertainer, and magician...
  10. In my opinion, Derren Brown is about as good as it gets. He is my idol in magic, and anyone that disagrees with me shall feel the sharp teeth of vengeance sinking into their chubby rear of ignorance. Feel free to post your own opinions about him, though. ;)
  11. Ricky Jay.
  12. I think this is a bit of a pointless question really, I don't see the point of picking one.

    If I had to, I'd go with Derren Brown, his TV shows are always very entertaining and his sleight of hand is incredible.
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    cwiss angel. but in all seriousness derren brown.
  14. After just viewing Live at the Tom Foolery and reading his book i'm gonna go with Tom Mullica.
  15. Houdini for sure.

    1) every knows him as the worlds greatest
    2) no one will ever beat him (its not possible to)
    3) he was more determined than any one else, both in and outside of magic
    4) he has inspired countless amounts of magician

    I could go on all day about all the stuff he has done
  16. 5) He was fooled by dai vernon.....;)
  17. he was fooled once, how many times have you been fooled by a magic trick? i bet it is more than once
  18. i believe this thread was submitted just to see who the most liked magician is so theres no point in saying that it is like comparing rap to heavy metal ,we all know it but many of us wonder who other magicians believe to be the best (i hope that makes sanse).

    That said i have to admit i love DERREN BROWN ,his character.................his sleight of hand (although he mostly performs mentalism and we dont get to see it)...............Derren ROCKS
  19. hey, wat about david roth?

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