UltraGaff - Any New Information?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by pipi94, Nov 23, 2007.

  1. when its release is their any new info that has been released and also does anyone no theory 11's next trick and is ellusionists next trick ultragaff
  2. Here's what I know from the rumors:

    Ultra Gaff: It's a new gaff deck project with Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia. It's going to be mindblowing.

    Theory 11 Next Trick: I believe it will be Control, a pulse stopping effect. There's also traces of a can crushing effect by W:H, not sure. As for Control, there's supposed to be a clip of it with W:H performing it for two girls in a park, but again, rumors.

    Of course we've seen the control pics so I bet that'll be next.
  3. There IS a video of Wayne performing this. It is in the extra's section on E's Stigmata DVD. For anyone who doesn't own Stigmata it is one of the best mentalism, not to mention impromptu, effects on the market.

    Ultra Gaff has been filmed and apparently edited for release but has been sitting on E's shelf for over a year (that info is from Daniel Garcia himself).

  4. actually the trick in the park was a lead in for wayne to do stigmata its on the download they freak out then watch stigmata
  5. i really like the deck and the ideas that wayne and garcia crammed into this deck. Alot better than E's gaff decks hopefully it comes out soon what is E waiting for?
  6. Could you summarize what basically happens in that video clip?
  7. Sure,

    A girl begins checking Wayne's pulse while another girl watches. The girl taking his pulse begins to count out every time she feels it. His pulse begins to slow and then stop while Wayne seems to be in a trance-like state. Finally it starts again very slowly then goes back up until it hits normal speed.

  8. Interesting.

    Let me take a wild leap for people's opinions--would a pulse-stopping effect be valuable to their routine?
  9. You've already seen the deck? What ideas do they have?
  10. Better of making my own gaffs using my own imagination.
  11. there are some very interesting cards in this deck
    in an interview with scott wells danny and wayne talked about how they made the deck etc...
    danny's teaser vid is on ellusionist
    but for what is actually in the deck (i really have no idea) :confused:

    sorry ill ask him again today when i see him but i dont think he will have any more information (its all Es fault
  12. well i hope control isnt that stupid ball under the armpit effect, that would be a rip off

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