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  1. I was never really interested in gaffed cards used in this way with a full deck and making the cards change. However I used a friends reg gaffed deck from E and did the zipper effect and got some great reactions, then went on later to perform the Eight of hearts inscription.

    I thought of the ultragaff and was wondering which of the two decks was of better quality and had more effects you would do. I have looked at both and was just looking at opinions to those who have tried them.

    Thanks in advance
  2. I have both. The quality of the cards are about the same. Both have great cards, depending what suites your style. However, I believe the Ultra Gaff cards have been out of stock for quite a while now.
  3. Well the normal gaff deck has repeats of lots of cards, like double backers and ****. But the UltraGaff deck was made with effects in mind.

  4. i like ultra gaff. i dont have it, my friend got it. and it is ill
  5. I personally feel that some of the UltraGaff cards look too farfetched to be useful for my style of magic - they lean towards visual gags rather than anything else, designed to elicit a laugh you might give to seeing something clever, rather than magical.

    But JDEN's post was more or less correct. UltraGaff is completely specific effect orientated cards. Normal Gaff cards have a combination of specific effects orientated cards and general purpose cards - for example, Dream of Aces and Moving Pips (sorry, I forgot the technical name for this plot..) cards as well as multi-purpose gaffs like double backers, blanks, etc., which rely on your creativity.
  6. Hmmm... tough decision. I have no set style of magic effects, however I do take into considertaion praetoritevong's answer of the ultragaff having more visual gags than effects.

    I am leaning towards the regular gaff, but I might change my mind at the last second. Best of luck and thanks to you all.
  7. i would get ultra gaff because the tricks/cards are more creative than the gaff and the army 52 dvd that teaches it only teaches half the tricks of the gaff deck but it is good if you want to make you own tricks. you should get the 3 disc bundle and get the deck free

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