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  1. The underground magic circle.
    okay i have an application to the UMC and i am working on it slowly but surely trying to give my best answers, but i would like to know what it is like.
    is anyone apart of this?(besides daniel madison)
    What is it about?
  2. Well, I think Daniel Madison is the president of the UMC. So your best bet would probably be sending a PM(Private Message) to Madison. Otherwise, I personally have no idea.

  3. I'm not sure if anyone is allowed/supposed to answer this, but how does one enter the UMC? I can't seem to get past the first page.

  4. Finding the application is part of the process, I believe.

  5. Also, he has only accepted two people: G and The Hunger Artist. They both have pages that are still being worked on. Check them out on the Links tab at Daniel's site.

    I downloaded a copy of the application a while ago, but I've never got around to actually applying. Maybe I should.

  6. I have that application too, but it says the UMC 2007 Application on it....

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