Umm... is this a joke?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phenomena, May 25, 2008.

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    so im searching around the web comparing prices between sites for various things
    this time im comparing split spades lions, one site i can get 2 decks, and shipping for just 15$ (2 decks here alone are 13$)

    then im looking for the shipping for theory 11, since if i remember correctly last time i baught something it was 7$ orso

    now the only options i see are

    Shipping options for address:

    Priority Mail International: $23.00

    Express Mail International (EMS): $29.95

    you have got to be kidding me right?
  2. I think that's right. Insane gas prices are leading to even worse shipping prices...
  3. lol well im buying 1 deck of each colour, plus shipping, comes to only 21$ on this other site...

    21$ wont even cover the shipping cost here lol
  4. i live in england and i recently bought a guardians brick and it cost $40 or so 4 the brick n $45 shipping!!!!!!!!!
    That is crazzzzzyyyyy!!!!

    So whats this other site?
  5. I can get standard shipping for $4.95 :)
  6. shipping to europe is very expensive. I didn't check the shipping prices here but i know them on Ellusionist and Penguin. Since i live in europe i have to pay 60 - 90 dollars for shipping on ellusionist. And just 11 dollar on penguin. Even the product prices on penguin are cheaper then on ellusionist.

    My question is how can penguin deliver for that low price and ellusionist and theory11 cant?
  7. they all use the same standard shipping
    these sites just charge extra for the time they take bringing the package to the post office lol

    i live in shouldnt be 25$ for shipping

    i got 3 decks, with shipping for just under 22$ from
    6.50$ for shippin
    and 5.05$ for split spade deck

    penguin came out to about 25$ for me (decks sleightly more expensive)

    t11 wouldve costed about 45$
  8. Hello everyone in ForumLand.

    About Shipping:

    As a preface, I'm not going to bother to try and argue that our shipping is "fair" or "low" or "too high" because those are all subjective judgments and are as such open for interpretation. (And those evaluations always sound biased anyway coming from a member of the company.)

    That said, I certainly can't vouch for any other companies, but I do know how we set our shipping prices. Without going into boring details, we get charged a certain amount for every product shipped. Obviously. We then charge you (the consumer) money so we can pay the people who charge us for bringing your package to you.

    We set these prices based off of what they charge us so that at the end of the month, they get as close to evening out as possible. We obviously add a little buffer to make sure that we're not falling into the red on shipping, but we're only really trying to break even with it. We evaluate these numbers constantly and adjust accordingly if needed.

    Other companies choose to take more of a hit on shipping and make up for it somewhere else in their business model. I won't speculate about where, but we specifically want to re-invest our money in this company, so we choose not to do so.

    We want to add new features to the media section, 1on1 section, forums, etc. We want to advance our production technique and advance this company as a whole. We want to give away a bunch of crap for no reason on Saturday nights. We want to be able to have a customer service department that isn't scared to ship you free DVDs or replacement gimmicks when it's called for so that you're never stuck with a purchase that you're unhappy with. Basically, we'd rather spend the money making T11 better. And we do.

    Hope this sheds some light on the issue. If not, lie to me and tell me this was useful.


  9. That was useful.

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    Dana's right... and so are all of you. Some of the shipping costs suck! We don't like it any more than you do when we find out that it's going to cost us 60, 70, 80 bucks to ship a package oversees...

    We're currently looking into a tunnel like fiber optic device that will magically allow us to transport packages instantly from NY to London... we'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Penguin ships for free on orders over $20, plus lower prices. Not trying to say they're better than theory11 or anything, though.
  12. hmmm...

    hey Wayne, that's a nice comment. Hope to see the tunnel thing come to life...

    hehe... I would love to join you guys doing that!

    Anyway, do you have a group your in to?
  13. Look i understand that its not all on your end the problem of these prices, but your directly affecting your possible profit because people (such as myself) will refuse to pay more for shipping than actual things were buying. Thus you lose out on that customer on their present purchase.

    If these prices wont be going any lower any time soon, i suggest changin shipping companies or something because after all it comes down to cost for the consumer. Why buy an item at this store when you can buy the same item at another store for half the cost.

    and means to be harsh, but its reality, me and im sure all others who want to buy items, dont really care where t11's money is invested, as long as we get what we want, at a reasonable price. It sucks, but welcome to dealing with the public.
  14. We appreciate and understand your concerns - we actively work to keep our prices as low as possible. If you are unhappy with the cost of shipping for a particular item or order then you should absolutely explore your options. Check out our list of featured retailers HERE.

    Definitely check out and support your local shops. If one of our retailers can give you what you want at a lower price (because of no shipping costs to you) then by all means! In the mean time, we'll continue to look for ways to deliver the highest quality product to you at the fairest and lowest cost.
  15. Everyone hates shipping, but we have to deal with it.
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    i checked your featured retailers
    Why do i have to pay 3,75 euros (5,90 USdollar) for a normal deck of bicycles in europe?

    I can get them from Penguin for 2,60 USdollars which would be 1,65 Euros PER DECK

    the deck prices espacially custom deck prices are way too high

    i dont want to praise Penguin magic, but at shipping to europe they are the number one at the moment
  17. I was curious about this so I checked what it would be for 3 decks to be shipped to me (I'm in the US). 3 decks of guardian's = $14.11, shipping = $5.95. That's only slightly above average in my opinion and completely reasonable. I realize that it sucks for those of you living overseas who have to pay really high prices to get things shipped to you, but it's to be expected. If I were to order something from a UK-based website, I would have to pay pretty high shipping as well. Maybe if you all keep paying it for now then eventually T11 can expand into a multi-national company and then your shipping prices will be laughable.

    On a side note, I love the honesty of the moderators and how they don't get offended at threads like this. I don't know if I've ever been a part of a company forum where they didn't brutally defend their prices.

    EDIT: Also, to those of you outside the US, point your local magic store(s) to . Maybe with some luck you can buy Theory11 merch locally pretty soon.
  18. Shipping prices are good for me.
  19. The shipping prices are the biggest downfall of an otherwise great site. I don't see why my place of residenece has to be a burden on my wallet.
  20. Dana/Wayne/Jesus,

    Is there any way possible that we could find a possible cheaper shipping option?

    Even if its sent by donkey.

    Especially for overseas buyers, it can be REALLY expensive for us, with shipping sometimes costing more than the product.

    I dont particulary want to shop anywhere else, as I enjoy the fact that Dana has my shipping address and can drop in when ever he wants. Aswell as the fact you guys are always happy to have a random chat, why would you want to shop anywhere else.

    Its just a shame some times the cost.
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