Uncontrollable Flourishing

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  1. Thoughts as they occur to me.

    0:09 - Okay, you get a gold star for an interesting intro with music that is appropriate to what's going on on camera.
    0:20 - Another gold star for showing your face!
    0:36 - At this point I would done something other than spinning the cards.
    0:47 - Okay, now you're showing more variety, but that really should have come in a little sooner.
    0:54 - The lighting made it a little hard to tell what happened. I would have shot that in less harsh light.
    1:00 - Wasn't much set up to that sandwich. Came and went a little fast.
    1:03 - Transition's a little jarring. I would have let the music and last shot fade out, and fade in to this shot.
    1:07 - That was a bit out of nowhere.
    1:20 - Calling it unique might not have been the best choice when everything you showed was pretty standard and aside from the last shot, we didn't get to see much of your personality.

    Still, several steps taken in the right direction. We're making progress.
  2. Based on his personality, this clearly was not meant to be a serious video like all the rest of the flourish videos out there. But, good suggestions if this were a serious video.
  3. Bahahahahahaaaaa! =D
    I loved it. A laughed out loud (IRL) several times. More entertaining than "flourish" videos and better than anything else I've watched on YouTube tonight. =)
  4. Looking at it a second time, yeah, the joke sailed right over my head. I think this is a sign I need to stop thinking about editing and rehearsing and writing and all the other crap I've overloaded myself with for 24 hours and relax.
  5. Now that's funny, I don't care who you are lol

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