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  1. Hey guys, haven't been active here in a while, thought I'd post a review of DnD's newest "On Demand" download, featuring Kostya kimlat, of RoadRunner Cull fame. I don't have the Cull dvd, but I'm yet to hear a bad thing about it. I heard he was a fantastic teacher, so I went ahead and bought this, just to get a taste. Onto the move.

    What they say-

    Welcome to the Card Magic of Kostya Kimlat: Kostya’s professional approach, intelligent thinking, rich knowledge, and clever patter turns any effect into an instant audience pleaser and as a professional magician performing worldwide he understands how to convey even the simplest card trick into a magical experience.

    Join us this week for part 1 (the sleight) of Kostya's two part release. It's simple, today you will be taught a one card switch, an add-on, a color change, an alternative to the DL! The Undercover Switch is a versatile sleight created by Ken Krenzel & Bary Price and heavily refined by Kostya Kimlat. In this tutorial Kostya not only thoroughly explains the mechanics, but provides considerable insight on how the sleight can be used to its fullest potential.

    As a bonus, Kostya performs one of his favorite routines utilizing the Undercover Switch and many of its applications.

    What I say- while the demo fooled me, I was a bit dissapointed when I saw the method behind it. I don't see that much potential in the move. Sure, it could fool some magicians, but in the real world it would be much easier to just do a DL. Plus it doesn't switch the top 2 cards, which I thought it did. You can accomplish a few things that you can't with a double(although the color change he does in the demo can be accomplished with a DL and a wrist kill) But to me, its too much work for too little. I didn't like the fact that you have to set-up(You can do it in front of the spectators) and the fact that Kostya was already set-up in the demo.

    The angles for this are pretty good. Everywhere is good except if someone was looking under the deck(kid, midget, smeagle)

    He's a great teacher, had no problem learning the move. Its just the fact that I really don't see any potential in the move. He says in the demo it will change your magic...not so much.

    Production value was great. DnD are rivaling T11's quality.

    Theres a routine he does at the end that is prety cool. Its a color changing card type of effect. He does not teach it though, which is a bummer.

    -Great teaching
    -Great production value
    -For 4 bucks, its not so bad
    -not a worthwhile move.
    -He doesnt teach the routine at the end(Not a huge problem, but I would of liked that he taaught it)

    Overall, I personally won't use this move(Unless somone can show me the move has potential) yet it was worth the 4 bucks to watch Kostya perform. If I had to rate it, I'd give it a 4 out of 10.

  2. Well it looks alright
  3. I'd use this move, I love it, that's all I can say.
  4. What would you use it for? I want to like this move, but I don't see anything in it.
  5. ?
    Thats Ken Krenzel's switch ( some people argue that its Alex Elmsley's ) done with one card :S

    I used this as well as many before me. Is there any real technical refinements behind it, or is it just taught as is?
  6. Hmm,
    I feel that the preview is a bit misleading, because I know what move he's doing, and it's not as clean as that suggests, but still, it's nice to see Kostya doing two releases with Dan and Dave, and Syd Segal next week.
    But that preview is misleading.
  7. Probably instead of the average double from time to time.
  8. Apparently some of you guys didn't read the description. Kostya gave credit to Ken Krenzel AND Barry Price.

    Also, if you don't already own the Roadrunner Cull DVD, then shame on you.
  9. is this at all like the undercover switch in Aaron Fisher's The Paper Engine?
  10. Whilst I don't know the mechanics of this switch, I'm pretty sure it's not like that at all :)

    - Sean
  11. I asked the above question because every cardman who knows Ken's switch will instantly try it out with a single card. I hoping Kimlat is giving something extra (streamlined handling .. etc ) rather than just teaching something many people stumped upon.

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