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  1. Hey guys,

    I am having a little trouble with a new friend I just made. Hes a very nice fellow just doesn't quite understand the morals and ethics of magic and he is also a member of these forums I believe.

    I was going to put the convo up but it has been going on for three hours and it is very long so I will give you the basic gyst of it.

    He believes or believed, I don't know his stance now, that it is alright to use torrents and not buy dvds because he figured out the method or he wants to save money.

    I know he is reading this so do you guys have anything to say to him?

    Also feel free to add me up on AIM if you wish.
  2. Hmm well first of all. *Coughs* It's illegal.

    And it just isnt right, These guys work hard to give us hard hitting magic.
    And to have it downloaded for free.. Bleck.

    This is why i still buy so many books, Because who is going to take the time to put that all online?
  3. Well, if you don't want to respect the art, then look for another hobby. Yeah sometimes magic can be expensive, but hey, if you are smart you will buy a great book or DVD and get a ton of mileage out of it. Sorry man, I just don't think the easy way out is the right way to go.

  4. Here is the deal-
    When you download something illegally and just learn the secrets behind the effect, that all magic hunting becomes downloading and watching. Before you know it you have 40 gigs of magic but your double lift looks like you're turning half the deck over.

    Magic is not all about the secret, that's half the trick, the other half is having the skill to present it. Most the torrent guys I know (about 5) know a lot of stuff, but their magic is a snore.
  5. *sigh*
    He'd probably be a great magician if he used a few basic tricks and figured out some killer patter and presentation. I get better reactions with The Amazing Reversed Card in Deck (OMG!!!1!!) than TiVo2.0 sometimes, just because I've got some good patter and have worked on the presentation almost as long as I've practiced it.

  6. You can't say people who download torrents are bad magicians (skill-wise) as they have the same materials as a paying magician, it is their choice how they use it. Using torrents and such IS illegal however nobody can stop them. I am willing to bet everyone has downloaded something for free on here using illicit methods, wether it be music or magic, it's all unethical.
  7. Even you? (word count)
  8. Oh I downloaded a DVD for free once, kinda felt guilty, but I wouldn't buy it now because didn't like the tricks anyways. Still feeling guilty though. Well it's just something I won't do anymore, and don't recommend that person to do either. But look at the bright side, at least he isn't one of those people who tell all the laymen the methods to great tricks.
  9. Absolutely DO NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS! I for one have never EVER downloaded something illegal... It's wrong, and I would never even consider it.
    Don't go around the forums saying that everyone has done something like this... that was way to subjective and someone could get offended.
    Just watch the pointing fingers! :mad:
    BUT!!! I will 100% agree with the unethical part.
  10. I download Part of the DVD (a few tricks) and if i like it i buy the actual DVD. I rather having a "hard-copy" anyway, no matter how good the DVD is. But yeh the way your friend is doing it is not right.

  11. Woah there. Chill dude. If you haven't thats great for you! But what he means is that MOST people have or do.
  12. My friend did not want to reply to the thread but he has a question to as you all....

  13. There was a good discussion about this on: Go magic Go, Your magic Podcast.
    If you are going to perform the effect, you must pay for it. No matter how you learn it. If you are told a secret by another magician, you shouldnt have to pay for it, unless you are going to use it in your show. That being said, it is wrong to search for tutorials and look for free downloads.
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    I have learnt ALOT from the go magic go podcast from ethics to tricks to stay away from. But yeah i agree with what GomagicGo said about that.

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