United Cardists deck sales

Oct 2, 2018
I'm very well aware of caveat emptor, however.....
United Cardists has a deck for sale that I really crave, to round out a release I've loved since I got into collecting card decks.

If anyone has any experience actually buying decks from them, are they a good enough site to deal with. I did a little research, but didn't really find anything. It looks like a large website with active members, but the deck sales area is my main concern. I get most of my decks from AOP, T11, Triponmagic(ebay), and a few others. But this deck is only available thru UC...which in itself makes me kinda say "hmmmm". Any info would be great. And if I acquire said deck I will post it here. Thanks in advance.
While I know it may be somewhat in bad manners to post the question here, this is the only card forum I participate in. Peace!


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Jul 22, 2010
Melbourne, Australia
Hey Dave,

I have purchased cards through that forum in the past.

Like any forum, the risk is in the individuals not the forum itself. UC is a great community and typically has decent decks available too.

Most often payment is made through PayPal which helps to give you some extra security, so you should be okay.

Can’t imagine what deck you’re buying though?

Oct 2, 2018
Got the order confirmation but no shipping confirmation yet. Ordered the Prototype No. 17 deck from Stockholm 17. I have the Bicycle branded version, the Unbranded version, and just got the Le Chat Rouge version.
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Jun 18, 2017
I'm sure you'll be fine. Stockholm17 is a well-known and active member there so if you had any problems you could always pop him a message. They're a great community and they don't suffer scammers, so any issues you'll be able to sort things out I'm sure.
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