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    Hey Everyone,

    I've decided to throw up a new thread for this deck design as:
    1) It's extremely different from the original.
    2) It's got an updated name.

    (if someone could tell me how I can delete my previous thread that'd be awesome thanks.)

    So here's the WIP of the new card back design (ignore the blue border lines, that's just part of the template). Any constructive critiques and pointers would be appreciated.
    I think it's lacking something atm, I'm guessing it needs a background of some sort and I'm trying to generate ideas.

    Card BackVersion 1: http://trezhurisland.com/TrezhurislandPics/UntamedDynastyBack_small.jpg
    Card Back Version 2: http://trezhurisland.com/TrezhurislandPics/UntamedDynastyBack_small2.jpg
    Card Back Final:

    Now onto the Ace of Spades and the Joker!
  2. I think it is missing a background of sorts, like you mentioned. To get inspiration, look up some designs from different dynasties in China and see what you think fits it best. Try and incorporate that into the design if you can. Just play around with it. I'm sure you'll have a bit of fun in the process!
  3. Thanks, I'll do that ^^
    Though I'll look in Feudal Japan for designs since the Samurai are Japanese, not Chinese :)

    Aside from the missing background, how do you think the rest of it looks thus far?
  4. When you try and incorporate a background, try to make it so it is not distracting from the initial design, but contributing to it in a unique way that makes it flow.

    I think the design is very nice, just keep on refining the initial design to where it looks a little more real, if that is what you are going for. It looks very well put together!
  5. I was just about to recommend something like what you just did...however I would put that image on top of the water color.
  6. Good idea. I'll give it a shot :)
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    Well here's about as far as I got in the card design.

  8. I like latest bit, maybe do small bamboo style intricate etchings on the background behind the fans/swords.
  9. Unless someone can give me any pointers how to improve this more, here's the final version of the deck card backs:


    Next, onto the Ace of Spades and Joker!

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