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  1. What's up guys, I'm proud to present a cardistry video of unique proportions, this guy is called Reuben. He's a close friend of mine and co-founder at Joker and the Thief.
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    Enjoy :)
  2. Not bad! Try not to let the deck control you. I see it too often in cardistry videos where it looks as though the performer is trying to solve a rubies cube rather than perform a flourish. Take a moment and focus on fluidity. Sometimes taking it slower to get the smooth performance is your better option. Good job though! I liked the idea behind the video.
  3. Hey, thanks I did notice that the flourishes were not as smooth as they could've been. Thanks for the feedback.
  4. Its really cool, and Reuben did a great job. Maybe next time if you could make it a bit lighter, and maybe you could also mess around with the speed, like when he picks the deck up build the suspense, like slow it down and the slowly bring back the speed. By the way I liked it
  5. Thanks... The darkness is there to give the video an uneasy feel, after all he just saw a deck of Smoke and Mirrors v5 teleport! And not to mention, send him messages ;). The colour evokes emotion within the viewer. Hey, while you're there hit the subscribe button!
  6. It just seemed really rushed to me. The flourishes probably would have been alright, but you didn't take the time to re-film. I don't know, it just seemed kinda lazy to me.

    But overall it wasn't bad. Just wondering though, what makes this video a video of "unique proportions"?
  7. Already have I'm TheMagicianInvisible, what do you think about the speed idea?
  8. Thanks for your input, to answer your question, the story of the video has not yet been attempted as far as we know in a cardistry video.
    I can assure you we don't aim for lazy ;)
  9. Cool, Thankyou very much. The speed idea? Please evaluate, faster or slower?
  10. I really liked the video, but i think you could work more on the smoothness of your flourishes. Practice theme extremely slowly and then speed up until you find a good speed to perform them smoothly.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I'll pass that on to Reuben

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