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  1. Yeah the one and only question is how do you guys use the doublebacked card(1 only)? Comes with the shadow masters and propaganda decks etc... Some routines or tricks to name for me so I could find out and try those..?
  2. The trick that fools Houdini uses a double back and its looks amazing. Satisfaction Guaranteed from Daniel Garcia.
  3. And window from Daniel Garcia too =D (If you don't mind destroying it)
  4. hmm is the name of the trick "the trick that fools houdini" ?
  5. I don't know if it's being sold.

    Basically you put a selected card second from the top and then it's on top. You can do this a few times and then have it signed. It's the trick Dai Vernon used to fool Houdini who once called himself the King of Cards, and claimed that if any trick was shown to him 3 times he could then figure it out. Vernon showed this trick 7 or 8 before making Houdini admit that he was fooled.

  6. I've seen them used in prediction/card to somewhere effects. Just put the double backer wherever (e.g sealed envelope), then when you reveal just slide the db onto the top of the deck and double lift. Looks really clean.
  7. It's my understanding that this story's actually just an urban myth of sorts. I think it's documented that Dai Vernon did fool Houdini with a rendition of the Ambitious Card, but I don't think it specifically used a double-backer at all. I think Daryl merely teaches the double-backer convincer on his Ambitious Card Video DVD as "The Trick That Fooled Houdini," because it's a nice touch that can fool fellow magicians already familiar with Tilt really nicely.

    ...I may be mistaken though. Brad Henderson on these forums would definitely be a person to ask; he's a well-read historian in contemporary magic.

    With regards to the original post, a great double-backer effect is Richard Sander's Identity. It's one of the most hard-hitting effects I currently do. Check it out. Justin Miller also has an effect called Autograph, which is a decent rendition of the classic Anniversary Waltz effect.

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    You can do a card to wallet. You control the selection to the top, before you even start the trick have the double back card in your wallet. Then say thier card move into your wallet. But the doubleback card on top of the deck then do a double lift.

    Also if you have the doubleback card in your wallet at all times you can perform this whenever you want too.
  9. Check out:

    Wilson, Complete Course in Magic, pp. 105-114
    Hugard, Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, pp. 117 to 129
  10. argh i just don't happen to have those. I just ordered royal road to card magic and expert card technique..
  11. It's a good prelude to all-back routine. i.e. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Daniel Garcia
  12. Darwin Ortiz has a cool packet trick style effect where he brings 4 of a kind, using the gimmick, called Back Off.

    "The Trick that Fooled Houdini" that ends with a colour change can be found on Garrett Thomas DVD's.

    However, I recommend you use your imagination. Understand the versatility of the card, and perhaps your imagination can help you see something new.

    I always loved the premise of Garcia's routine, but never liked the handling...or the crazy edit when he does the ego change, because it flashed...yeah, it is that obvious when you do it too. Sorry DG, always bothered me you ended dirty - great idea, poor construction...yet, I struggle to come up with anything better myself, but I will continue to work on it. Although, that idea sparked some great stuff, thanks...oh, and by great stuff, I don't mean pot...okay, I do.

    Lastly, I feel like some cookies, I mean double backer fun.

    PS - I heard Houdini had a great effect, where he had a card selected, card shuffled face up and face down with the card lost in the middle. He then threw an entire deck into water off a boat...and all the cards would be face down, floating, but one...the selection, face up. Pretty sick idea. Winka winka. If you get the winka winka...this could spark a few uses without water tossing them.

    Not my fav of the standards gimmicks...but certainly cool!
  13. .. sorry but, what it's the point of using a doble backer to do this?. you can take any card from the envelope/wallet and since you dont show the face of the card it could be a doble backer, a blank face card, a gaff card or a ordinary card. Of course you do end "more clean" with a doble backer (i said "more clean" because you still have to deal with a doble backer in the deck and i know, it should not be a problem, but you still have it and you have to figure it out how to use it or remove it from the deck) but you should not have problems either having other card face up when you take out the top card after the double lift. I think that using a doble backer for this is not soooo necessary, but if you are more confortable with it, go ahead.
  14. You can do a lot of stuff with a double backer. I use a double backer in the classic two card reversal trick. At the end I can fairly ribbon spread the deck to show the two selections reversed with no suspicious movement.

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