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  1. Hi, I just recently purchased an egg skin made from duck egg.....I am doing a similar routine to egg on fan, just using a glass instead of the fan. I need help with knowledge on using my prop. It comes in a container soaking in rubbing alcohol, does the egg skin need to be completely dry or does it need to be wet to perform the trick properly? Any help or advice is welcomed and thank you!!!!
  2. It should work dry. The alcohol is just for storage. The old method was to store it in talcum powder. The alcohol keeps mold from growing on it. I would dry it off, use it and then return it to the alcohol. I'm surprised it didn't come with instructions.
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  3. @RealityOne thank you very much, I did dap a paper towel on it, but was afraid of breaking it with not knowing much about it. I believe the supplier for my our local magic shop used a 3rd party to get this ordered so maybe that’s why no instructions came. Again thank you for your reply, I’ll just allow it to sit out a few minutes to dry next time
  4. I've never heard of an egg skin before. What is it?
  5. It’s made from a duck egg, and used for egg on fan routine.
  6. Interesting where can one get this product and the trick(s) associated with this?
  7. My local magic shop ordered it for me, if you have a shop nearby I’m sure they can get it.
  8. The prop is around $20 at the various magic websites.

    The earliest I can find the effect in print is in T. Nelson Downs's "The Art of Magic" (1909) p. 298. There are instruction for how to make the egg skin but I would drain the yolk and white out before rather than after. Also, Downs recommends using a regular egg, I would use a duck egg. He actually recommends using alcohol to store the egg and performing the effect with the egg "which must not be dry."

    So based on that, I'm changing my advice to do it dry to use the egg wet. That was based on the older method where the egg was in talcum powder or cornstarch (which kept it from sticking to itself). The alcohol serves the same purpose. I sort of laughed that keeping it in alcohol isn't a new idea, but an older idea.

    Probably the most known write up is in "Magic and Methods of Ross Bertram." That is credited to Max Sterling and and Harry Schilling. I don't have it but I'm trying to track down a reasonably priced copy.

    I also found a write up in a book called "The Magic Handbook" by Peter Eldin called "The Sterling Egg."

    The routine is that a balled up piece of paper turns into a real egg or an egg filled with confetti or even a selected card. The other props you need would be a fan or a glass... like a wide champagne glass and the egg that appears at the end of the effect.
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  9. I did try it wet, and it literally would stick to the glass, it made The whole glass wet and you cannot see the trick. I then tried it dry and it worked perfectly, your first advice producesd better results for me
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  10. Just looked up a performance of one of these routines

    Thanks for sending me down the rabbit hole

    I must know more egg
  11. Real world experience outweighs theoretical musings.

    Jinx 126.
  12. Card in an egg is probably the strangest and best place to hide one. There is no reasonable way the card should be able to be inside the egg, as a spectator sees it. I'm gonna be thinking about this idea for a while, thanks.

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