Using Magic as an ice breaker

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  1. Does anyone else think magic tricks like this one : . Should be used as a way out of having too ask for a phone number , would it look bad if you used an effect like this , like magic shouldnt be used as a way out of talking too someone. Only a way through.
  2. Yea, magic let's you communicate with people a ton!

    And I'm not saying you should, but I have seriously thought about using magic as a way to not talk to someone, but found other ways around it xD
  3. Yeah i totally think it should be used as an icebreaker , just dont do magic tricks like this one as a way around having too talk to someone because youre too insecure
  4. Yeah, especially not this one xD

    Let me rephrase what I meant:
    Sometimes you reach a suuuuuper awkward point in a conversation right? I think it is absolutely possible to use magic as an out.
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  5. My personal opinion is that magic (or anything else, really) should never be a substitute for a personality.

    It really isn't hard to learn to talk to people. And here's the crazy part - if one takes the time to learn those social skills, their magic gets significantly better.

    People who use magic to start, maintain, and end conversations are seen as one-dimensional. Magic is all they are to others - so if someone doesn't want to see a magic trick or talk about magic, they don't want to talk to that person. I've had a few friends like this, where I have to decide before I contact them if I'm ready for an hour long monologue on the inner workings of the newest gimmick they're making or routine they're practicing for their show. It's not that I don't care, it's that I have interests other than magic, too.

    So my response to "What trick should I use to start conversations/ask this girl out/propose/etc?" is "Don't. Just talk to them like a normal person so they realize you're not a caricature."
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  6. I always try and start a conversation with someone before I do any magic. However, If I'm already doing a performance, I might perform to someone before talking to them. I've made a ton of friends this way.

    But I agree, especially if you're one of the people who have a "self" persona and a "magic persona". Then it'll be really weird switching personalities midway through.
  7. I don't think you should ask for a phone # as a deal. I think you should show a great trick, and then ask for the phone #.
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  8. Exactly

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