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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Hello people! I really want to perform this effect.

    Walk to someone. Ask him/her to think of something and then you read his mind and reveal his/her thought. The person could think of a number, name, something important to him/her, his/her fear, anything at all. No force and no other props. Just a paper and sharpie.

    I really want to be able to do that effect. The only way I think it's possible is to use spy devices. Any suggestions or comments?
  2. Maybe some preshow work might work, but then you might need an out. I know Psychological Sublties has a few mental forces you can check that out. ALso, check out corinda's 13steps if you can. he talks about thumbwriters.
  3. What is a pre show? I'm just a beginner in mentalism.
  4. All mentalism props are basically spy devices.

    But there are countless methods for the trick you just described.

  5. So what should I do?
  6. My recommendation would be to look into billet peeks and switches.
  7. I would recommend using pocket writing or a nail writer. Banachek has material on this.
  8. Do a search and pick up a copy of Paul Brook's THE GIFT, it is a very sound guide to Pre-show (one of only 6 or so that exist -- we old guys want to keep such a secret weapon quiet)

    Preshow is a valuable technique but not one most are comfortable learning to work with. If you ever get to see Jon Stetson work, show up a good hour prior to show time and watch him as he moves through the room entertaining folks at each table... it's a brilliant bit of business!
  9. You can do this with no devices of any sort- billet switches and peeks. Look into it.
  10. speaking of spy devices though. Awhile back i was picking up my new Lock pick set and i saw an advertisement for something called a Covert Coin. Its essentially a coin with a compartment inside. I thought it looked awesome. Imagine the possibilities. I think i will probably end up picking one up since i can use it in conjunction with a shim or a variety of other ideas and i will let you know how it goes. Its kinda crazy some of the non-magic stuff out there with magic applications.
  11. There are lots of ways you can do this Enzo. Start reading some of the things that have been suggested to you, and you'll find a lot of methods for exactly what you've described, using only pen and paper, and sometimes nothing at all if you so wish.
  12. I agree with what has already been posted. what I would add is that you should choose the effect to help focus your study. for instance a nail writer is great for numbers or short words, where as if you want to do a drawing duplication effect, then a nail writer is not ideal. So choosing a specific effect will help narrow your search. if you're not sure about what is available, 13 Steps is a must have.

    And keep in mind there are also tons of ways to reveal a selection. Try to think outside the box.

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