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  1. good luck with that
  2. hey its worth trying i already have 3 pages of people saying they want them to change and dan buck signed it to
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    The best that can happen is that the factory stay right where it is and the current card stock and printing process continue to undergo close scrutiny until we feel they have reached the pinnacle of where the cards need to be. I think it will get there like JB said, but I think it is still going to take some time. Maybe even up to 6 more months.

    Also..magicians do make up a good number of purchasers, but for the most part I don't think lay people who just play cards give much thought to the durability and feel of the cards. The Casinos use the decks for a short period and then they are "out" of play and on their way to a second hand store for 50 cents a deck.
  4. theres no reason to not try, whats the worst thing that could hapen
  5. To be honest, I don't understand what this petition is for. They got an all new press - six months ago. They sold the old one. It's gone; it's not coming back. The new press is 20+ years newer than the old press. There were some glitches in implementation of it - it took time for them to get used to. It's been several months since the move, however, and quality has been on the rise. Even top card handlers like Bill Kalush (at the factory last week) have been impressed. I have no complaints on quality at the moment - I find it at or above the levels before, and it will only get better from here.
  6. First off I give you credit to get this going. Many have been concerned with the quality at USPCC. Its been discussed back and forth so many times. Here is the thing though. Card workers and magicians make up very small number of the people who use cards. They are not going to change quality for a very small number of people. Its like throwing a rock at a Tank.

    Now I do believe what Mr. Bayme is saying not because Im a die hard fan of theory 11 but he has been doing a awsome job of updating us with USPCC operations, and the magic communities concerns. It will take awhile before the new quality cards will frequent on the market. Its just a matter of wait and see with the cards honestly before the final judgement can be made. I hope everything that has been said upon USPCC is true but us as consumer will have to roll with the punches until things are right agian.

    Also as a side note; Mr. Bayme there should be a sticky made about USPCC and the cards. There are going to be many threads about the quality and what USPCC is going to be up too. So why not make one thread where the people could voice their concerns and opinions on the subject. Just a thought.

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  7. I disagree with this statement. How many laymen buy their cards by the brick or by the gross? We may be a small community but I assure we we make up our small number by buying a bunch of cards. Personally, I have bought at least 100 decks in the past year where as a single laymen might buy a deck or 2 of cards a year (they play with those things until they are really nasty).

    Next I still think its funny that people complain about the quality of USPCC cards, but at the Essential Magic Conference every magician was using Bikes and most of them where using the new bike from the new press in the new box. If those guys can use these cards what makes other (smaller name) magicians think there is such a problem with these cards? Yes the box is ugly. BUT. The magic that you can do has nothing to do with the look of the box. Yes the stock is thinner. BUT. These playing cards, made in Erlanger, Ky, still handle well enough to do any sleight you can throw at them.

    All in all I am saying, deal with it.

    No matter how many petitions USPCC gets from magicians they will not change a thing. Like what was said before, they will not change quality for a small number of people. Proof of this comes from the reasoning behind creating the 909 Mandolin deck. They were not going to budge on their back design so they said make your own. Same goes for the quality of the cards they produce now. If you don't like the quality of their basic cards (bikes, tallys, aladdins) make your own custom deck.
  8. I personally didn't notice a difference and just looked at the pack I'm currently using to see they're from Erlanger. I don't get what the issue is exactly...
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    "this Exercise in futility will be my workout for the day..."

    that is hilarious

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