USPCC sold to Cartamundi group

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  1. I Wonder how that's going to affect this guy??

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  2. Interesting. Jardin acquired USPCC in 2004 and Newell acquired Jardin in 2015.

    Is it too much to hope for that they will allow certain gaffs (Twilight Angels) to be made again using Bicycle like they used to?
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  3. I've heard from a few people the US made cartamundi decks are less than desirable when it comes to quality and handling.
    This concerns me.
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  4. I still have several cases of the old Cincinnati Rider Back decks...
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  5. This will not affect the current printing process or quality of decks going forward, so no need to worry!
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  6. I hope! I want to see the four angel version Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchin made back in print as well.
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  7. The motivation behind banning those designs was copyright protection, and they've recently buckled down even harder. But that was also one of my first thoughts.
  8. At least not until they decide it’s just too expensive to continue printing cards in the US!
  9. Unlikely to happen. USPCC is one of the largest suppliers of playing cards in the world. Most likely they'll just keep using the equipment that is available to them and continue producing the same product the USPCC always has, because that is the easiest way to get more money coming in. Discontinuing that line would only serve to alienate a very large percentage of the customer base.
  10. I'm sure it won't change much - but if it fixes USPCC's awful registration problems they've been having this year then some good will come of it.

    Cartamundi seem less super-strict on the copyright debate. They happily printed that rubies cube inspired deck after the design was rejected by USPCC for potential infringement.

    I've been working with Caramundi this year on my own deck and I've been really happy with the service, professionalism and the quality of their stock. Cartmundi took a big leap into professional playing cards a couple of years ago (hence Ellusionist's switch to them) and the quality is fantastic.

    I love USPCC stock too, so I'm happy that they'll be continuing with that. Cartamundi have been innovating a lot these past couple of years. I just hope the lack of competition doesn't create a problem down the line...
  11. Chris Ramsay got in touch with USPCC and Cartamundi who explained a few things:

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  12. I got one question about this situation
    Carta Mundi is mostly a European company but USPCC isn’t and I live in Europe. I really would like a taste of bicycle or bee cards but since USPCC never really produced much in Europe I’ve never had the chance. So I really want to know if Carta Mundi will be producing USPCC brand cards like bicycle in Europe like they do with their cards or if I’ll continue with the my plight
    Thanks for any information

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