USPS Art of Magic Kit?

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    Anyone else seen this? I've been following the progress on the release of the stamps since it was first revealed. I don't collect stamps but I was really digging the designs and wanted to pick up a sheet just to have but I had no idea they were releasing a deck as well. The cards look pretty neat imo. Very reminiscent of the NPH deck. Might have to pick one up. What's also cool is it has an instruction booklet written by Mac King. The tricks are simple but it's still a neat inclusion.
    Kinda interesting that USPS has such an appreciation for magic lol.

    Anyway, what do you guys think of this?
  2. It seems like a good magic kit (for cards), nothing too special. My guess is that it'll come with a Svengali/stripper deck and invisible thread, though it might not. Mac King is a fantastic comedy magician and if he developed the tricks, they're probably solid tricks to perform with, even if they're on the easier side.

    I do really want that deck though. They seem elegant and classy, but not over the top. Do you know if it's printed by USPCC with the standard Air Cushion finish, etc., or is it different?
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  3. I think they are USPCC

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