USPS without tracking number

hi guys..
i just order products from wayne houchin store 2 days ago..
they give me free delivery during this december..

when i purchased, wayne email me said
"Thanks for your order - it has been sent. We ship via USPS - it may take 2 - 3 weeks to reach you in Beijing."

but they dont give me any tracking number from USPS..
is it because its "free shipping" so they dont supply me with any tracking number?

anyone can help me with this?

thanks before


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Sep 14, 2008
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Sometimes when you mail items, it costs the company or person an extra fee to have it tracked or have proof of delivery added on to the shipping. Maybe that is why there isn't a tracking number.

I'm with Draven on this. Just contact Wayne personally or a member from his shipping team.
Nov 9, 2010
If you ordered it two days ago and emailed Wayne himself about I'm not surprised you haven't gotten a response yet. First of all he's very busy and probably don't have time to answer every email every day. Second, since he's not in charge of dealing with the support or shipping of products he might not be able to help you anyway. The best thing would be to email the support about it and then give them at least a day or two to answer. Sending five emails in two days is a bit overboard. ;)

(From most of the magic sites I've ordered from you have to choose the most expensive shipping method if you want a tracking number for the package.)
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