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  1. I don't really know how to word this. Obviously stuff like the Ego Change and the Clipshift are sleights. Obviously the Hot Shot Cut and the Sybil Cut are Flourishes.

    What would you call stuff like Lennart Greens Top Shot or Aaron Fishers One Handed Popover Move?

    Stuff that obviously shouldn't be invisible (as a sleight) or particularly flashy (like a flourish) but definitely should be noticed by the audience.

    I can't think of any other examples, but for reference purposes should I call them....Utitlity moves? Stuff like the everythingelse DVD from the Trilogy.
  2. I would class the double lift and the pass as utilities. I want to hear others opinions about this.
    EDIT: I would define a utility as a move than has numerous uses, saying that I believe the clipshift is a utility.
  3. I was just about to say the DL. And even perhaps various false cuts/shuffles.
  4. Lennart Green's Top Shot and Aaron Fisher's Pop-Out Move are flourishes. Just like the Pirroute Spin. They are flashy for a reveal.

    Utility moves are moves that are so versatile. So versatile that there are TONS of applications, so you can use it on most routines: as a clean-up, as a load, and often as a substitute for other sleights that you dont find to your liking.

    The most notable example that I can think of is the ever-versatile KM Move - which most would agree would be one of the most versatile and useful utility moves out there.

  5. They're all classed as sleights.

    Visible sleights are flourishes.

    Invisible sleights are utilities.

    But then you have different types of flourishes eg. productions, reveals, colour changes, cuts...

    and different utilities eg. controls, palms, shifts, breaks, switches....

    But that's just my opinion.
  6. Hmmmm. It would seem that this topic is subject to opinion moreso than I thought.
  7. having or made for a number of useful or practical purposes rather than a single, specialized one

    this is the def for the word "utility". I am certain that with some imagination almost any move in magic could fit this def, considering that I know several moves that were designed around one trick but can be applied to many.

    However I am certain that there are moves that by nature fall directly into the category of "utility", because these moves are designed specifically to be used during all or many card routines ie: the double lift, classic palm, or the Erdenes colour change.

    It really is left up to us to take what moves we are able to learn well and find new and exciting ways to present them, not only to the spectator but also to the magic community.

  8. here are some examples.

    Kenner- 4for4 switch
    marlo- marlo tilt
    Garcia- ego slip control
    any double lift
  9. wheres a good source to learn the km move?
  10. i would actually class the top shot as a utility move. because it does have several differerent uses. you can use it as a reaveal, as a change, as a sandwitch climax. and as an invisible deal. but this is just my view. aaron fishers pop out however is definitely a flourish though. there really is only one reason for it and it is for a reveal
  11. Card College Vol. 3 page 518


    Daryls Encyclopidia of Card Sleights DVD Volume 5

    2 of many probably, but the 2 I know of.
  12. Is it me or do you think that this would be an awesome Cerca Trova topic?

    In my opinion, I would define a utility move as a move or set of moves that are used to obtain a goal in an effect.

    To clear up that statement. I don't mean, "I want to do a sandwich effect. This is the moves I do." I mean, "I want to bring the person's card from the middle to the top/bottom." or "I want to transfer this card with this. This is the move/set of moves that I would do." Hope that helps to clear myself up a little.

    Example (May have been stated before. Sorry.)

    * Kenner's 4for4 switch
    * The Block for Block Switch from the explanation of Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    * The Pass
    * Switch Take or the millions of names people call it.
    * Ego Slip Control
    * Revolution (If we are thinking coins. But that can start a whole different topic.)
    * The Glide


    * Tenkai Palm (Probably ALL PALMING. He He)
    * Color Changes
    * Almost all forces. (Some are Flourish-ish)

    I can't think anymore. It hurts my brain.

  13. I would class palming as a utility, just think of how many uses it has.
  14. What would you class the tilt by ed marlo? :)
  15. Control?

    Oh, Tilt is by Vernon ;)

    I wouldn't class Top Shot a flourish. I think it is a production. Flourish is a move that doesn't have a direct "magical" use. Top Shot is mostly used as a magical production (card is appareantly somewhere in the middle of the deck, and then it flies to magicians hand).
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    The only reason I would not classify it as a utility move because a) it does not accomplish a certain goal in an effect and b) the move is done in secret or deceptively.

    But that's my thinking.

  17. If I were to say what utility moves are for me, then those are the ones you use, whether hidden or in plain sight, to accomplish part of an effect.

    The reason I said "hidden or in plain sight" is because some are done literally in front of the spectators and yet something is still going on behind the scenes. Or, the secret move is done in the guise of another.
    Take the KM for example (I agree, I find this one very useful), the spectators see you placing a card face up, but in reality something else is happening aside from that. I guess I'll class false shuffles, controls and the like too, because the spectators don't really know what's happening.

    Examples of those that aren't supposed to be seen are palming, passes, glide etc.

    I like to look at the moves as "tools". I think of what I want to accomplish, and choose from my "tools" and use the one that will work best. That's how I look at utility moves. The word "utility" kinda goes hand in hand with tools right?

    And the way i see it, there's little or no difference between utility moves and sleights. Flourishes, on the other hand are not "moves" unless they do something useful.
  18. My opinions:

    Utility moves:
    I'm not sure of the "official" meaning of this, but I would probably say that moves that have multiple purposes could be called utility moves.

    Invisible moves:
    There is a fine term for this that I can't remember right now. But theyare moves that accomplish something while appareantly doing nothing.

    Imitating moves:
    You appareantly do something, but in reality you do something else.

    Moves with no other direct purpose than impress with skill

    Magically (or flourishily) producing something doesn't fit into other categories so it has to be a new category.
  19. Productions. xD
  20. I would actually go so far as to say that the One-Handed Popover is a flourish, as it's a flashy way to display a selection. Aaron Fisher actually kind of refers to the move as a flourish in his book. No, it's not a huge fancy cut, but it's still something of an accoutrement.

    The same with (or similar to) the Top Shot.

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