Uzumaki by Dan and Dave Buck: My Routine

I enjoyed the patter alot! I might have borrow it;)

The only complaint I have is that if the 'Cheat" move is the twist, you shouldnt snap afterwards, because its unnecessary. Just nit picking of course.

Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Whenever I perform Uzumaki, my patter line is usually what Michael did; doing an Ambitious Card for 2 or 3 phases, then "reveal" how it is done by doing the spiraling sequence. It gets a good laugh and most people are still amazed because they have no idea how that card spins or even rises to the top. It took me a few minutes to think about if it would actually fool spectators, and the answer is yes. You just have to try it out on a few people. I was sitting in Geometry practicing Uzumaki under my desk and one of my friends called my name and said that he was amazed at the card spinning to the top. I didn't do a trick, yet he was still amazed by the mere practice of the move. Every now and then he asks me to do that "spinning card" trick when I carry around a deck at my school.

Uzumaki will also make you work at it and keep you focused. I remember practicing that move for a long while to get to the point where the spin was fluid and there wasnt much flashing. I'm still working on it, but when I want to throw something out there I usually perform Uzumaki. I guess you could consider this as a mini review, so I would recommend it. Fun to practice, fun to perform. :)

Michael Kras

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Sep 12, 2007
Nice routine. When doing Uzumaki make sure to keep your left thumb in contact with the left side of the deck. Doing this will make the move look like less like a move and a lot more like magic.


Thanks so much Dan, and thanks for the tip! I found it tricky to keep my thumb on the side of the deck, and just watched your original video and noticed the thumb dips slightly beneath the rotating card... I'll have to play with it!
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Hmm, why take out the best part of the trick, the face up deck reveal. That is what made the trick nice in my opinion. The subtleties they put into the effect to show the regular face down deck, and then to show it face up cleanly.

Why take all that out to be left with a glorified flourish of the card?
Oct 29, 2009
Just around
I really enjoy the patter and routine. It's quite nice.

However, I would like your guy's opinions on Uzumaki. It just seems to me that a spectator would assume what was happening, since the card is spinning. To me, something like CK's Shifty is a lot more magical. I (as a magician) love the looks of Uzumaki, but I'm just not sure if a spec would think of it as "magical". More of a just "oh, cool". Or am I the only one that thinks this?

BTW, I also don't understand why the deck turns face up at the end of Uzumaki. Dan doesn't use patter in his video, so there doesn't seem to be a reason for the deck to turn face up. It's cool, but I don't really get it.

Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
Yeah I understand that part. So, I guess my question would be, "did the addition of the flourishy spinning card add to the effect of the ACR, not do anything to it, or hurt it?"

In my honest opinion, I think openly showing the spinning of the card as just that, only spinning of the card, hurts the effect. First the card comes to the top, but with minimal action and has a magical moment, but then you spin it to the top. I know it is supposed to look like it is magically getting higher and higher each time it spins, but there is so much going on that the "impossible" doesn't look like it is happening. The "Elevator" effect of even Ray Crosby's Raise Rise has less action going on, leaving the "impossible" feeling of the rise moment more magical.

It seems to me like the effect made in this video is like doing something magical, and then diluting it with an act of technical flourishing skill, where I think you would want to leave it in the hands of "magic happening" as much as possible. That is why if you still kept the reversed deck reveal at the end, you are misdirecting the kicker at the end by showing the spinning card.

As it is now, I was left with a "ok, and then what?" and "that is it?" at the end.


theory11 artist
Sep 1, 2007
...BTW, I also don't understand why the deck turns face up at the end of Uzumaki. Dan doesn't use patter in his video, so there doesn't seem to be a reason for the deck to turn face up. It's cool, but I don't really get it.

The effect is not that the deck turns face up but rather that the card travels back down to the bottom. I go over the presentation of the effect in the tutorial,

Jul 13, 2009
Something Magical doesn't always have to look impossible. The Uzumaki I put in the same line as a haunted deck animation. If you do it right, it looks like the card is animating on its own accord, crawling to the top of the deck. Just because there is a little flourishy bit doesn't necessarily demote the entire magical effect. There is a balance that some are not really understanding, but that is just my general observation of the "rebel of crappy magic" going on.
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