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  1. So everyone here has probably heard by now of the Uzumaki thing from DnD. Well when you go on their on demand section, it just shows Uzumaki as a download for a modified version of their FA trick (i think that's what it's called)... You can go check it out... So what happened to the amazing thing they hyped about and how there were only going to be 52 copies???
  2. also is it just me, or is nobody else getting sound on the vid also?
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    I don't even think its modified. It's the exact same as on the twothousandten DVD. They just renamed it. The only people getting something out of this are the people who did not attend one of their lectures. But they probably have still seen it done on youtube. Nothing new here. I truly love everything by Dan and Dave, but this false advertising was quite upsetting.
  4. But what about the 52 copies thing? I mean that's not really gonna happen since it's a download...
  5. they also released a book of it which is limited to 52 copies
  6. Uzumaki was the trick. Everyone thought it was going to be something different and unexpected. That's where they tricked you. Get it?

    Trick and treat.

    The treat was Focal Ascension from their twothousandten DVD only available to those at the lectures. For the people that weren't able to get a DVD here in the states and all across the world, they treated us with the most popular trick on that DVD.

    It was very clever making us think it was going to be something different from what it was supposed to be.

    You all just got tricked! Happy Halloween!
  7. The big deal is that book. Yeah, people who dont know FA can now learn it ondemand, but the book looks like a real work of art and a true collectors dream. I have the lecture dvd but i still wish i had the cash to pick a copy up. Brad Fulton is a crazy amazing photographer and this book like everything else Dan and Dave produce looks like a beautiful work of art. Considering how many people wanted to learn FA, i think this does still kinda count as a big deal so eh. and the 52 copies refers to the book not the download
  8. hmmm... I guess that's ok.... I didn't really like this "trick". Or the treat really either.. So much hype for nothing... But that's just my opinion.
  9. they also ran a contest giving away free stuff, just saying cant really be "upset" with them
  10. I don't know if that's necessarily true because they still put a price tag on it, which isn't going to help them make money from the people who did attend the lecture. FA is really a cool trick, but this is still annoying :(
  11. The book is a collector's item like Josh said. You don't have to get the On Demand or the book, you aren't forced to. Some people from the lecture might want the book before it sells out, others might not. You can't make a big generalization like that, because some people actually will get it that attended the lectures.

    Their Halloween contest is also a nice thing that they decided to do. Everyone who enters wins something. You can't lose! I think that is a VERY nice thing of them to do. I was going to enter, but I had way too much stress this week and was never able to make one. I had a great idea too and planned everything out, but unfortunately all that time was wasted.

    Anyways, enjoy that they are doing nice things for people this Halloween and hope that the people who get the Book/OnDemand will enjoy it. :)

  12. When I said that I was referring to the On Demand. I'm sure the book is awesome and I am not doubting that they are being very generous with the contest and the release of the effect. I apologize for any miscommunication. Good luck to the winners of the contest and I hope all who purchase Uzumaki have a great time with it!

    Happy Halloween! :)
  13. I also get tricked, a little disappointed but uzumaki is still a cool trick.

    But I entered the trick or treat contest! Extremely happy that every one who tricks them will get a treat from them, no one will lose!
  14. I'm really confused as to why anyone would be disappointed with the "re-release" of FA as Uzumaki when very few people even know what FA is/was. You should be thankful that you were able to learn FA long before anyone else even knew about it. We taught it at our lectures and put in on our Lecture DVD as a favor to the attendees.

    Uzumaki was brand new for those who weren't able to attend one of our lectures this year, which is a lot of magicians.

  15. Wholeheartedly agree Dan. I find the effect quite fun to practice. It keeps the hands moving and it looks super smooth. I practice this every day!
  16. Dan, I've been having my doubts about buying it. You know that double lift from the center you do in Portal and Uzumaki?

    If that double lift is taught in the on-demand, I will definitely buy it. Just my trivial way of analyzing things, but the main thing I want is your tips and advice on the double lift you do from the spread deck.
  17. Well the reason I'm disappointed (kind of) about Uzumaki is not the trick itself. The trick is amazing! I love it. It's just the hype I didn't like. Now you guys may not see it this way, but I thought there would finally be a big release about something non-cards, and by the looks of it, something scary on stage. And then we just get the FA trick... It's just kind of disappointing.

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