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    Alright People. Here's my review:

    Box The box is elegant with typical DnD style. It simply has the standard smoke and mirror logo on the front, and the back design on the back. 10/10
    Card Faces, and extras Once again, 10/10. The red pips are more burgundy, like wynns. The jokers, are typical, just in blue, not black. There is an ad card, and lastly a blank card. Very useful for many things.
    Finish The finish is like nothing I've ever felt, especially because these are my first smoke and mirrors. Fans are BEAUTIFUL. Easily 10/10
    Edges Although it's minor, I figured even D&D can have pros AND cons. The one con that I have is that out of the box, they're quite hard to faro. I almost peeled up an edge. :( Unforutnately, 6/10, though I think they'll get better once I have a chance to use them more. EDIT: sure enough, they ended up faroing better once they were broken in. Also note that they had to get to minnesota through the biggest snowstorm and cold you've ever seen. ;)
    Fans Fans are beautiful! They are perfect right out of the box. Once again, 10/10
    Overall Overall, this deck is perfect. My favorites of them all. I give it a 9.5/10 EDIT: 10/10, because of the bad faro. Let me know if I forgot anything, and I'll add it. Thanks! -Casey
  2. I agreed with this post. The V.5 is my most fav. playing card yet, after the Wynn.
  3. yes i agree with you Casey.
  4. We spot tested these on the press (I actually took one off the press and Faro'd it to test it out), and the cut should be pretty darn sharp. You may want to try Faro'ing it in the opposite direction (ie, turn the deck face up if you were trying before face down). Even with the most precise cut, all cards have corners that look like a wedge under microscope, so most will Faro easier in one direction than another.
  5. The cards were really hard to faro right out of the box. They did faro a bit smoother when I flipped the packets around, but this was still difficult. That being said, all it took was a little breaking in. After a couple days of constant waterfalls, springs, shuffling, etc. the cards faro together with ease.
  6. I live down in aus. So i can't really afford to buy many things from here due to shipping costs.. So when i got my v5, i admired it, did a few fans for a few minutes, and i can say, these fan very well. But i'm still trying to figure out if my deck 1's or my v5's fan better..
    It hurt me to see that someone can spring it, and faro it ^ It kills me a little inside if i try to faro it.
  7. So i have ben playing with my V5's for a week now, I like them, but when I picked up my old deck of Sentinels, I was like "damn! these feel nice." That's right, I think I like Sentinels better than V5's. They just feel better.
  8. i have been using a deck of v5's for about 5 days now, and I really can't make up my mind about them. There was a lot of hype about them, i bought a few packs, and tried them out. the first thing i noticed is that they wear out very quickly. the original deck i opened wore out in only a few days. its all 'clumpy' and it doesn't fan/pressure fan or anything. 6/10 for me.

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