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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DesmondL, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone!

    As we all know, the big V day is coming, and I'm wondering if we can all share some ideas about any tricks, routines or any other good stuff that we can do to make that day a more memorable one for our partner.

    An idea that I have off-hand would be that Paper rose to real rose.

    More particular to my case, I've found out that my girlfriend, after seeing magic from me for a while already, still finds appearing and vanishing things in the air rather fasinating. So I guess that rose idea would be great.

    Any more input? :D

    Apart from magic, any suggestion on the activites to do on that day itself would be great. =)
  2. art of attraction has some neat ideas.
  3. sealed with a kiss. end of discussion. ahaha, jokes, but u can use that trick, its perfect.
  4. You should definently perform HERMES (from David STone's Real secrets of magic) or/and Zamiel's Rose (from Derren Brown's Devil's Picturebook).

    how the hell would i know what you and your girlfriend like to do? Do any activities you find appealing mate. Last year we went rock climbing (althought we are only15 my uncle is rock climbing instructor)
  5. there is something about love by nathan krenzo
  6. there is a trick where you make a chocloate appear from a card called hesheys kiss i believe, might be a nice idea even if yoiu don't do it with a chocolate i.e a ring, earrings or necklace perhaps.

    here is a link

  7. If you ordered True Astonishments, PH has a love-inducing trick on there. Should be to most people by then.

    Make a napkin rose, scented with rose oil. Have them smell it, it's kinda a weird moment to discover it smells like a rose. Slip a ring, necklace, or a candy kiss inside, and a bit of flash paper or cotton on top of that. Take a lighter to light the "rose" and get the hidden flash paper instead. Quickly blow out the flames, have them open their hand, and dump, from a previously empty rose, their surprise into their hand. I used to do this with a hershey kiss when I got hired on to do a girls birthday party. You can charm someone to death with it, but I've never done it to a real significant other. I usually avoid magic tricks when working real charm.
  8. I should hope so. I see people doing just the opposite all too often and I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

    That said, these threads always make it very obvious who's got the goods when it comes to advice with girls, and who needs to keep their trap shut. Here's a hint: 90% of the advice is not being relayed from personal experience.
  9. Haha, exactly.

    "Using magic to get a girl is like using a boot to catch a fish"
  10. Hes not using magic to get a girl. he said he already has one
  11. Hmm, not exactly. . .

    Magic kinda opens the door for opportunity. It's a way to connect with people and get into conversation with new people.

    I'd say magic is the hook and your charm would be the bait when dealing with fishing.
  12. i recall a graph on itricks about the amount your girlfriend enjoys magic over time.
  13. I speak from real experience when I say that the only magic you should use on girls is mentalism. Unless you want to look like Brad Christian, or some nervous schoolkid.

    Girls find it interesting if you can find out what they're thinking, and it makes you look mysterious and interesting.
  14. Ill prob do Hermes by David Stone, Catch a Kiss by Joe Russel (Tattoo Joe) and some Chocolate Productions.

  15. You make it sound like they're about as worthy as a bucket load of floppy disks :rolleyes:


    I like Girls : D

    1000 posts!
    Didn't even notice i had gotten so far...

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