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VANDALS (magic/cardistry video)

Jan 29, 2011
This is the first in my 4 part cardistry/magic series!
each video in the series gets progressively better!
Its all visual magic and mostly short impactful cardistry moves!
I bought a new camera so i wanted to test it out!
Also i made a new channel so if you would like to Subscribe :) and leave a like!

Zak The Wizard

Elite Member
Jul 1, 2014
Awesome man, I really enjoyed watching it. Just something I noticed was the length, if your goal for that channel is to get a lot of subscribers etc I'd maybe shorten it and do the type of things that are visually impressive to a laymen or maybe novice magician, the type of person who's going to be finding channels like yours. As a magician and cardist I really appreciate the talent and practice that took, although to a regular person it's hard to notice the variation in these amazing flourishes. If you are instead going for a subscriber base of magicians then you're off to a great start. The editing added an extra dimension of entertainment too, overall I really enjoyed it just keep in mind the subscriber base you're targeting. Nice work, sorry for the ramble; just my thoughts. You have a subscription from me, best of luck. Keep it up.

Jan 29, 2011
thanks for the kind words and advice!! :) and i try to keep my videos the length of the song im working with but my most recent video i made is about 1:45 haha which feels short to me! but in my newer videos that i will be posting things move along much quicker!
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