Vanishing Inc Releases Shinobi Control

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  1. Actually (in my opinion) their versions look better looking than Emran's
  2. Oh snap!

    I prefer Shinobi though, personal preference.

  3. Btw, do you own it?

    They are not dumb, I'm pretty sure that they credited Emran for having a similar sleight.
  4. How about going back to Marlo?
  5. I do own the Shinobi.

    And it's pretty much the same move, I'd say 90 percent the same or so. The only difference is that the card doesn't appear outjogged immediately.

  6. Since I pretty much always use the Shinobi control, it was easy enough to tell that they use the same technique Emran Riaz uses to control the card to the top... it's basically just a variation, and it looks differently.

    If you own the Shinobi control 1-on-1, I wouldn't recommend buying this. It's the same thing, and 1 of the 2 methods seems really obvious, even to a spectator that has no idea what's going on.. it's covered up for enough time to make them think that something has happened under the cover of the deck and your hand.
  7. Actually, Andi's control looks very similiar to an old control of his the Tom Cruise Control, which if I recall uses a spread double. Which would make it largely different from the Shinobi Control.

    And I think its unfair to only credit Mr. Riaz with the idea for this type of control. After all Lee Asher had a control that is similiar to this and even Dan and Dave Buck. And like ReadMoreMagicBooks said, you could probably trace it back much farther.
  8. In my opinion if you've been in magic so long, you do not need to buy any of them. You already know how its done. than its just a matter of practicing it. Both of them I would never recommend.
  9. They both look great and will probably work very well in real world performance.

    And this is not the Shinobi control. Isnt this Andis Tom cruise control? It was way before the theory11 1 on 1.
  10. Wow, what a successful attitude. Nice, man.

  11. I'd like to take this moment to support the idea of researching the history of a sleight before comparing its origins... As has been mentioned, it goes back further than it would first seem.
  12. Hi all,

    Many thanks for taking a look at my download and for looking out for Emran and his control. While I probably read and learn more magic than most, it's difficult for me (and all other creators) to know about every single item in print. Therefore, magic needs people like you guys to point out similarities, so thanks for doing so.

    I've checked out Emran's control and they're actually quite different in some key areas. I can see why you'd think they were the same, but they are certainly different. The key difference, I think, is that my move can be performed very slowly and openly as it relies more on discrepancy over the sleight that Emran uses. Both moves have their uses though.

    As has been pointed out, my move is essentially a sleightless version of my Tom Cruise Control, which was published about five years ago in Antinomy magazine (and will be featured on my upcoming Master Pushoff DVD). In particular, the Con-Trol (the move on my download) has been in my repertoire for about three years now and I showed a lot of magicians at the Blackpool convention two years ago and several of them are now using it in their repertoires.

    To the original poster: it's definitely worth starting conversations like this in private before trying to start a public controversy, but I appreciate that we've been able to point out the differences to clarify your confusion with the two moves.

    I hope you guys enjoy the control and consider checking it out to review the difference between mine and Emran's.


    P.S - Thanks also for jumping down on the guy who thinks that he's above buying magic. You guys are great.
  13. Thanks for the reply, Andi. I do apologize for taking the public route, but I didn't mean to start a controversy, merely to see if anyone out there felt the same. Several others reinforced your point, so I don't see a need to worry.

    And to make it up to you, I do want to say that VanishingInc has never put out less than the best. Even if they had released the Shinobi accidentally, I like that move a lot, so it shows their skill in choosing products. Next time you're buying, check them out. Great top-notch stuff.

    This thread can be closed if so desired.

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    Heyyyyy! guys!! whats up!

    Just wanted to say that Andi's move may look kinda similar to the Shinobi, but the mechanics are very different.. This was discussed a while back with a few NYC magicians and I. Definitly check out Andi's Moves its pretty sweet too!

    I also wanted to clear something up.. The Shinobi Control can also be done very slow.. we just decided to speed it up a tad for filming purposes. ;) I also agree in checking out both!
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    i agree , let's go back to marlo
    but ...
    shinobi control is a great move
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    david regal's control is different , because you don't have to see the card yourself , only the spectators see the card and the move is different
    they look similar but there are different

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