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  1. I wanted to start a thread where we could all post our thoughts and ideas about ways VAPR can be utilized.

    I'll go first:

    Angle Zero by Daniel Madison + VAPR's wireless function = very visual and mystical effect

    And go!
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    I am a cardist, and I don't own the VAPR device so this might not work, but you might be able to use it doing cuts, fans, springs, etc. It would definitely add a cool effect in a video or performance.
  3. Alright. What the hell. I could use a creativity exercise.

    -Borrow a page from Sean Fields' brand of mental magic. Metal bending with a D'lite and smoke device to create the image of super heating metal to the point where it folds under its own weight.
    -Use some manner of coin purse or similar object for a switch. Use the smoke device when opening the purse to reveal a burnt duplicate of the original object.
    -A smoke device with blood writing and optionally an electric touch device to create the illusion of actual burns on the skin. Not recommended for amateurs.
    -An antique pipe that produces a puff of smoke during a seance.
    -Buddha papers and smoke for a map burning writing or an X (marks the spot) onto itself.
    -Alternatively, the reverse of the above. Using the Buddha papers, smoke comes up and a mark that was previously made on the map is gone, replaced by a burned-in symbol of danger or death or similar.
    -This is an old Kenton one that I won't reveal the method of, but use the smoke as an extra convincer when popping popcorn in your fist. In addition to the smoke, the audience can also hear the sizzling oil that was poured into your hand only a moment ago.
  4. Oooh! I really like this idea.
  5. I originally used a previous smoke device to put out a lit torch with my hand and then open my hand and smoke came out. Just a fun little moment for me really.
  6. VAPR is a fun product to use and I can see myself using it excessively inthe next years to come in my close up (and maybe stage material). If you haven´t done so already I strongly suggest you do so, it is really a great object to enhance certain effects. And the handling and product itself are brilliant.
    All of these Ideas were come up by me in a short brainstorming session and are shared for non other purpose than to show others and that you may benefit from one or two.
    Hope you like them.
    For questions and further discussion see to my facebookpage Jonas Seidel or email me:
    1. Contract with a Devil
    Magician signs a pact with the Devil to find the selected Card/Page/... after accomplishing the "ritual" the performer touches said object and the selection is revealed along with a burst of smoke rising up from it and a pentagramm burned into it/the selection seems to be charred.
    (On a more standard note: It could also be used as a restauration after burning, but I am not sure if the reaction would be the same or if I would like to use VAPR in this way. I guess it´s up to the performer)
    2. Charred
    A Card is selected in a fair manner and lost in a deck of cards and back into the case.
    The performer places and lights a teelight under a glass and commads the flame to find the selected card in the deck, the light smokes and suddenly starts to die out at the same time, as smoke rises up from the performers hands! alas, the card is found in the middle of the deck.... with a hole burned through it´s middle!
    (lots of drama here and I think I am going to use this one in my close up material. I mean a force, a teelight a glass, and one prepared card ? In exchange for a visaul transportation lots of spiel and eye candy this sounds really good. )
    3. Smoking hot
    A standard effect: The magician tries to make a burning cigarette disappear, and pushes it down into a handkerchief, but instead of vanishing the cigarette seems to be still THERE and the handkerchief starts to smoke as indicated by the smoke rising up from the handherchief the magician holds. Suddenly he reaches up to the handkerchief and "restores" it.
    (a bit of a comedy bit here could be done with the magaican explaining the whole thing and while turning away from his hand starts to smoke... something like that)
    Or pretending to smoke a not lighted cigarette "it´s healthier this way" ;)
    4. Hot Hot Hot
    Again a comedy bit. "you know how I know people are hot?" whilst touching her hand/forearm or something along "I like you. You look hot. Smoking hot" "Or, do you smoke?"
    Use at your own discretion.
    5. Dead or alive
    I think this could also work great as a "living or dead" test with five scraps of paper lying on the close up mat/in five boxes/similar places where you can hide the gimmick with discretion and now exactly where it is and can use your remote. The performer uses a cross, holy water or another mytic object of his choices to purify the scraps, as the spectators see the malicious spirit emerging as a cloud.
    Again I know, theatrics. But come on. It´s Mentalism.
    6. Imaginationary Tea
    Tea is poured into a cup, "steam" rises up from the cup... but it seems to be that the tea was "too hot" and has already turned to smoke
    Or the audience i asked to think/select a hot drink as the magician pours from an empty cup into a cup as steam rises up but only a written selection seems to be at the bottom.
    (pre show work advised)
    OR of course you can perform it all backwards, making a cup of tea with hot water, dipping in the tea bag. And mentoining that most of the used water vaporizes as smoke, as soon as you reach out to grab it, the smoke disappears from the cup and reappers (if you wish) in your hands as water drops out of your hand and in the cup only the tea bag remains....
  7. Great ideas! I'll close this as we don't need to drag up old threads, but great thoughts.
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