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  1. So its christmas soon and i was thinking about getting the sansminds vapr, i have read alot of reviews on this product and alot of them are positive and negative. Alot of the reviews say that it doesnt produce alot of smoke or doesnt work. If any of you own this product can you please help me on whether I should purchase it and the pros and cons of it, thanks.
  2. I have it and it broke after two uses to where it literally will run and and not produce smoke. I believe it has something to do with the coil. But luckily David Bonsall came up with a fix for VAPR that will require some additional materials to purchase but will have it working better than anything SansMinds could have put out. Hope this helps!
  3. My coil stopped heating as well, it lasted more than 2 uses however never got used in a performance situation. After that and pure smoke I've been disheartened by smoke gimmicks now. I just stick with Alan rorrisons smoke now. Much more reliable.
  4. I gotchu fam:

    Hopefully this will help you get some return on your investment. Definitely learned my lesson about buying products from SansMinds!

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