Variations of Monarchs?

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  1. So, I know there are definitely 4 variations of the monarch playing cards:
    - Regular (
    - Silver (
    - Red (
    - White (

    But is there a Gold Version of the regular ones - like the whites are compared to the silver?

    Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks :)

    P.S. (I am aware of the 4-pack, but since they are just a 4 pack of the regular cards I didn't include them)
  2. Hey scottmcb!

    There is, but you won't find it easily. There was supposed to be a different "Original" Monarch deck that had a dark blue background and gold design (instead of white design). These were printed, and 1 gross of them (144 decks) made it into the wild. We didn't think they looked the way we had invisioned, so that print run was shredded and we started over. What we ended up with next was the current "Original" Monarch deck. That is the first Monarch deck we sold in significant quantities.

    Have an awesome week!

    // L
  3. Let's not forget the elusive Eleven Madison Park Monarchs.

  4. Ah, yes. That is also a Monarch deck, though at first glance it looks much like the Silver. These cards (never available for sale to the general public) have symbols on the faces and names of ingredients that are used in Eleven Madison Park's dinner service as part of a trick. The one variant I don't personally have. Yet.

    Thanks for the reminder Pav!

    // L
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  5. Is there a picture of those somewhere? I've never seen them.
  6. [​IMG]

    Super pretty, but they turned out too dark. Unless in really good light, these just looked like dark backed playing cards. The design did not pop like we had hoped. Still incredible, just not perfect.

    // L
  7. Thanks for the detailed reply! :)
  8. Would you be able to post some more photos of the cards themselves so I can see how they differ. I didn't even know that these existed so I'm excited to see what they look like :)
  9. Here is a pic of my "original" Monarch. I'm lucky to have at least one. When in the right light, it's beautiful, but like Lyle said, it's not that way all the time.
  10. BrianRodgers (username) won a gold monarch deck from the wheel
    he said it landed on white monarchs but there was a pop up window saying he won gold ones
  11. The back design is the only difference between the navy/gold and navy/white monarchs. The tuck boxes are identical.
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    The Pre-Release Monarchs are not a part of the contest (we haven't had a single deck in stock since before any of the other Monarchs ever arrived to our warehouse). The White (with gold) Monarchs are limited edition and are a prize on the wheel. If gold is mentioned in any of the prizes it is to differentiate between the White Monarchs (white with gold) and the Silver Monarchs (white with silver).

    // L
  13. That is exactly right. The one and only difference between the Pre-Release edition and the 1st Edition is the color of the design on the back of the cards. No difference on the face, tuck case, or seal.

    // L
  14. Ohh, ok. When the pop up came up all it said was "Gold Monarchs". So that's what I expected to get. Would be cool to still get them. I'm still very happy that I got a deck though!
  15. Were the white monarchs never avalible to the general public?
  16. White Monarchs (gold design on white) were available to the public through several limited release windows. There was never a normal, full fledged sale, but they were available for a short time. The Silver Monarchs (silver design on white) came as a response to people LOVING the White Monarchs and wanting to have an unlimited white version of the Monarch deck. The color was changed so that the limited edition decks retained their limited status, while still allowing people to get their hands on a white version that was unlimited.

    // L
  17. Hi all. I was just laying out all my cards and noticed my two packs of 'original' Monarchs (gold on blue) are different on the bottom. one says distributed by Theory 11, the other just has Theory 11. can anyone tell me the difference?
  18. Minor changes between print runs. Small details are sometimes changed over time. There is likely little or no other difference between those decks.

    // L
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  19. OK. Thanks for the reply.
  20. Why are the edges of some seals rounded and others jagged? Is that to differentiate between versions? Is so which are the the first versions?

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