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  1. I was interested in getting the following money tricks but didn't want to waste my money on badly made gimmicks. Could you guys let me know what you think is the best brand for each? Thanks

    Scotch and Soda
    Hopping Half
    Bite out quarter
    Flipper Coin
    Punctured Quarter
  2. well it depends what skill level you are, will you ever preform this trick to friends and family, do you just want to know gimmick coin/money tricks and are you a visual learner or do you want to read to know how to do it
  3. I have learned in Magic that 99% of the time that you get what you pay for. Things that I have tried to cut corners on or purchase a cheaper / knock off version were not as good as quality.

    School Craft and Sasco I believe make good coins.

    There is also a new Scotch and Soda which does not require a bang ring. Makes it a lot easier for strolling. It is magnetic and looks good. My local brick and mortar store just picked it up but I do not recall the manufacturer.

  4. Well I definitely will not just be performing for friends and family. I get hired for a variety of venues so it's for professional purposes though I am still striving to be a full time professional. I just want gimmicks that I can count on and that don't look like they are cheap gimmicks. My foundation is based in card sleights, so I do well without gimmicks, but I like to have variety because people always ask what I do besides card tricks once they get more than three.
  5. I'll be posting the manufacturer of the magnetic coin set on Saturday for anyone else who would like to know. It is not exactly a scotch and soda set as it is more of a quarter and half set that is magnetic.

    Perfect for strolling. Price was $49.99 and is instant reset. I am not positive though as to if I would hand it out for examination. More info to come.

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