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    Okie now that I have your attention. I am heading to Vegas for the first time ever in July and need to know a few things. Perhaps Mr. Draven and a few others can lend me some info.

    I am only going for 3 days with my wife and another couple. Now...for starters, unfortunately this cannot and will not be a MAGICAL vacation. Translation: My wife and the other couple are not going to want to go to 3 or 4 magic shows nor do they want to stand in a magic shop while I ooooohhhhh and aahhhhh over every little thing I may want to purchase.

    That being said. Which show (since Burton is not there anymore) is one of the better shows? I know Criss's show Believe has had tremendous improvements to it so even though many here do not like him....I heard it is way better than 2 years ago.

    What else in Vegas besides the Casinos and Hotels are going to be a good thing to hit up while there that the others in our group will enjoy? And sorry fellas...strip clubs are out too. Bummer I know.

    Any information and advice is welcome for those who have been there. Just trying to plan my 3 days accordingly so time is not wasted.
  2. .avenu q is great and so is phantom and the lion king for musicals. Penn and teller or mac king for magicians, and avoid all casino magic shops... They are painfully generic. If your there on the third thursday make sure to see bizarro work at wonderground with mcbride. Or he also has a monday show at the harmon theater. Pm him for details.

    Cirq shows are second to non and the blueman group is worth it too.

    Enjoy your stay!
  3. I've never been, but I've read that mac king is one of the best shows to see.
    Is Paul vigal down there still? He will have a great show too.
  4. I would second Penn and Teller or Mac King. I have never been to Vegas, but I think that if I had to see only one magic show, I'd choose Mac Kings. He is hilarious, and I really like his style.
  5. I knew I could count on ya Draven. Thanks man. I had a feeling you were going to say the magic shops were pretty generic in the Casinos. Is there a good one that you would recommend that maybe while the women are out shopping I could go to that isn't your typical everyday svengali deck store?
  6. Thanks fellas. I will look into all of the info you guys have given me and see how I can plan a lot of the events into our schedule. Should be a fun trip.
  7. Salutations..

    I Used to Live In Vegas..

    What Days Are You Going? Friday Saturday and Sunday?

    You must see 'Paul Vigils' Show.. it's 'No Charge' At The 'King Ink Bar' At 'The Mirage'

    Wednesdays 7 -8:30pm Friday & Saturdays 7 - 10pm

    An Absolutely Must!

    As Far as 'BeLIEve' goes.. I'm mates with the guy who does the 'Lighting' and he has said its far better then when it first started... but he detest working with 'Criss'... so that's your own judgment

    If you're going on Thursday see if you can line it up with 'Jeff Mcbrides Wonderground' the brilliance cannot be explained!

    as far as non magical shows..

    'cirque du soleil' is always brilliant..

    Let me know if you need/want more advice
  8. Denny & Lee Magic Studio
  9. Top 3 (in no order)

    1) Mac King is a cheap wonderful show (and is on in the afternoon).
    2) Paul Vigil is free and will blow your mind!
    3) Copperfield is a classic big illusion show.
  10. yep he beat me to it. That's the best one in vegas
  11. I back the Mac King Show and Blue Man Group, both quality shows that all four of you should enjoy. I enjoyed the show at Ceasars Palace when I went but that might be a bit too much "hardcore" magic for your wife and the other couple, I'm not even sure if it's still going, it was 2001 when I went.
  12. If you're going to see cirque, skip Believe and see something guaranteed to be incredible, like 'O'.
  13. Indor skydiving.
  14. Indoor skydiving....that sounds great. I may add that to my list now. Awesome.

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