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  1. In the next coming weeks I'am going up to Vegas to film so new stuff and just to see something new. What I was wondering is there anywhere you are able to meet any of the Theory11 crew? Or do I have to be lucky and bump into one. Im really looking forward into meeting some great magicians and seeing some from here would be great. So anyone know any hot spots haha.
  2. Magic shops or lectures. When I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, I went to Denny and Lee's magic shop after hours, though they were still open because Andrew Mayne was doing a lecture(I was there to buy a wallet). I met up with this guy Christopher Karpiak, who knew I was interested in magic and after the lecture invited me to Chris Kenner's house. I was able to meet J.B., Jason England, Chris Kenner, Katie Egleston and other magicians who aren't part of the T11 crew such as Apollo Robbins and Andrew Mayne. So if you want to meet people, go to shops and lectures.
  3. Thanks alot, I'll make sure to do that. Is Denny's shop near the stip?
    Thanks again, how was it meeting them were they cool or stuck up? Sometimes people with a rep get like that.
  4. They could be at the luxurious and highly rated *wink wink*;) Wynn Casino. JB was there alot on his pics on Facebook. No this is not an advirtisement:D
  5. The shop is located on 5115 Dean Martin Drive, basically right next to the strip, it's only a few minutes away. Meeting them was awesome. They were so nice, if they were stuck up, I don't think i'd be chilling at Chris Kenner's house with them At the shop they sometimes have lectures, find their site and see if there are any up coming lectures or special events, they'd probably drop into those. Magic lounge is something they have at the shop, I think it's at the end of every month or something. You can perform something you've been practicing in front of people and get their feedback there.
  6. There is also Wed. night at Boomers. Various people stop in there every week. (Myself included)
  7. Or, you could ask j.b, Chris Kenner, or Andrei to ask if you guys want to discuss magic and cardistry.
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  9. Hey Dontavius -

    If you want to meet up with any of us here on t11, just send us a PM a day or two before you head on out. From there, we should be able to set something up.

    Talk to you soon,

  10. There you go Dontavius!
    You just got yourself a one way ticket to met the t11 crew!:D

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