Venom vs Spider Pen Pro vs Tarantula 2

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by ImFate, Oct 31, 2017.


Venom or Spider Pen Pro or Tarantula 2

  1. Venom

  2. Spider Pen Pro

  3. Tarantula 2

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  1. Basically the title says it all. So I recently purchased the Venom and it should be coming in a couple days. I just want to know before I open it if it really is the best of the three. Brand new to thread stuff so any opinion or advice is much appreciated.

    Is it possible with the Venom/Tarantula 2 to do that trick where you push something up to 35 feet, or is that only with the spp?

    Also can I get a name or link of the thread that I should replace the Venom's spool with because I heard the one that comes with it is very visible.


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