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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Scrubs_23, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys(and girls). I was looking into what I should get for my next card magic DVD, and I saw the Vernon Revelations DVD series. Is it truly worth it? Was the price worth the goods?
  2. in my opinion no its not great for learning but to see teh proffessor himself is an added bonus
  3. It might not be the best learning source for MOVES. But for understanding, history and adpation it might be THE only source.
  4. It is definitely worth getting if you're serious about this stuff and if you already have a good grounding in card handling. Even though you may not learn a whole lot of new sleights or effects, the opportunity to have this insight into the Professor's thinking is unmissable. He has thought about the tiniest aspects, even things like how you should hold the deck when you're not doing anything. You may not necessarily go along with him on everything he says, but I find it inspiring to see someone who's been so dedicated to this craft. Plus, if you're interested in the history at all (which I think any serious card handler should be to an extent) then it's invaluable.
  5. ^ What he said.
    If you are SERIOUS, then this is a definite buy.
  6. I'd recommend these only if you already have a solid foundation.
    There's some invaluable tips hidden on the videos, but they're things you'll probably understand the value of only if you're already familiar with what is being discussed. They're a must watch series at some point, but without knowing you, it's hard to determine if that point is now.
  7. Yes...I'm pretty familiar with cards. So I guess I'm going to be buying the whole set. Thanks guys. I've been looking for something with Vernon in it. I was a bit hesitant to post this up because I was almost positive one of the admins was gonna post: Buy my trick!

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