\\::VERTIGO::// by Rick Lax

Jun 26, 2009
Hey guys,

I recently picked up Vertigo and i just gotta say that it is amazing. I perform it all the time, and it is my go to effect.

Vertigo is an amazing plot and the method is extremely easy. Rick goes through so much in the DVD about how to keep suspicion off of the box, that it makes for the most perfect effect.

A story I can share is when i was with a few friends at lunch. Knowing i do magic, they said, "hey show us a trick!" Armed with Vertigo, i had a new go to effect. I fooled the hell out of them by the original routine presented on the dvd.

I then went into a card routine, but without thinking just placed the box down ON THE EDGE OF MY CUP!!! No one noticed until my friend pointed it out and said, "Ok you guys, i just noticed this, but this box has been here the whole time!"

That was the killer. No one noticed!! It was a great little effect after the Actual effect was presented.

The value of this DVD is superb, like all T11 products, and everything is taught clearly. This is definitely a good buy for any magician.

Any Questions?? Ask Away!!

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