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  1. No wires. No thread. No magnets?

    Any gimmicks at all? :D
  2. And to add on... angle sensitive?
  3. Not impromptu, but resets instantly. Hand the deck out, or go right into your next card routine. 101% practical and so, so deceptive. ;)
  4. For the part of the trick suspending the box, I learned a method long ago from EncyclopediaOfMagic. I don't believe, however, that it's the same method, and it wouldn't work to suspend the cards. Now, of course, I'm terribly curious as to what this method is.
  5. hey jb is the gimmick homemade or does it come with the dvd?????
  6. No bad angles. Super easy to do. Great way to get into a routine or start a table or street performance.
  7. Can the box be examined immediately after as well?
  8. Everything you need comes with the DVD. Set it up once, and you're ready for 473 bazillion performances. Resets instantly. And you can hand the cards out at the end or go right into your next effect (so it's a great way to start a routine).
  9. I think the box can't be examined.
  10. Hi gang. Rick Lax here. You're right; the box can't be examined. But on the DVD, you'll learn to perform Vertigo in a way that takes all suspicion off the box. Nobody will want to examine it. When you're done with the second phase (the one where the cards balance on the box), if anything, the spectator will want to examine the cards. Which is totally fine. As far as angles go, it's not a problem. No, you can't perform it surrounded--but pretty close. Basically, you don't want somebody standing over your left shoulder.
  11. thanks rick. i'll check more into it
  12. No prob. Let me know how it turns out. :)
  13. This looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it
  14. This effect can be done with any deck of cards, right?
  15. It can be done with pretty much any deck of cards. Even with t11's Monarchs. (Though, doing it with the monarchs will require one extra step...) After I get a pack of Monarchs, i'll upload a video...
  16. After it's all gimmicked, can I change my mind and do it with a different deck? Or will I be stuck with only the first one?
  17. You'll be able to change decks. You'll have to go to Office Max to get more of this one 'thing', but the trickiest specialty item--the one that you can't find at Office Max or almost anywhere else--comes with the DVD. And it's very very sturdy and easily reusable.


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