Very big problem when I submit a trick to The Wire

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by TelmoTrenadoTv, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    During this day I tried to upload videos to The Wire. To upload the trailer took me very little time, but to upload the 1GB video tutorial took me around 4 hours. After when I click on the button "Submit Your Trick", I have to Log In again, seems that after so long the session expires.

    I am very concerned and at the same time angry, because I spent a lot of time uploading the video...

    How I can fix this?

    Thank you ;)
  2. Be patient. 1 GB isn't exactly a small video.
  3. Telmo,

    I'm sorry your login timed out while you were waiting for your upload. I would be frustrated too if I had to wait that long for a huge file to finish! We're correcting this for future submissions by making login sessions last longer.

    The good news is we can restore your effect without you having to re-upload everything! I've sent you an email where you can verify a few details, then we'll drop your effect back into the submission queue under your account.

    // mark garity
    lead developer :: theory11
  4. Yes, I know, but the problem is that when the upload ends, I need to log in again... so, I have to re-upload the files again
  5. Oh, thanks!

    I will send you the details now ;)
  6. Your effect is in the review queue. Best of luck!

    // mark garity
    lead developer :: theory11
  7. You just have to be patient. 1 GB is about half of the Newest James Bong movie, so in other words it as not the worlds smallest video. :)
  8. James Bong... there's a movie.
  9. This has happened most of the times I have tried to submit something.
  10. Hey Dan, sorry about that - can you let us know if the problem continues for you, or if this has since been resolved?
  11. It's fixed :D Thanks guys.

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